Adam Silver issues apology to Suns employees over Robert Sarver's behavior

Silver was apologizing on behalf of the league office for the years of workplace misconduct that the employees endured.

Silver was quoted as saying, “To the extent that you feel let down by the league, I apologize. I take responsibility for that.”

Sarver, who has owned the Suns since 2004, came under NBA investigation  for alleged racist, misogynistic, and overall toxic behavior in the  workplace over the years.

After reportedly interviewing 320 people and reviewing over 80,000  documents (via New York-based law firm Wachtell Lipton), the NBA handed down what many saw as a light punishment for Sarver.

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However, many viewed the NBA’s decision as an intentional gambit to  spark backlash and create public pressure on Sarver to sell the team.

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