Here Is Why Argentina WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP! Messi’s Last Dance

King Argentina will get the FIFA CUP

It’s now or never. it seems that the Argentina national team is approaching the upcoming World. Cup was almost the best chance of victory since its last Triumph in 1996 when the legendary Diego Armando Maradona rocked in the squad, in this video will present arguments. Why Leo Messi swansong in the national team? Can become the highlight of his career. Let’s go. We can finally say that the Argentina national team has an excellent selection of performers, for each physician for the past 15 years, the team can boast of anything like that. And most likely, this is what didn’t allow Massey and Company to conquer the world lutetium.

So let’s confirm what we have just said, love is an ester, Coach Lionel Kalani used in 4-4-2 formation in all matches over the past. Six months, most likely escalona chooses a 4-4-2 formation When both laudato Martinez and Leo, Messi are available to playing at the same time. When only one of them is available information, becomes more of a 4-3-3 with either messy or Martinez, leading the attack and any case more often than not, the selection of performers, allows the coach to change from one formation to another during the match without using substitutions. So it’s not of key importance.

Team is well staffed.

Using the example of the 4-4-2 formation will show how well staffed. This team is for the World Cup. Cops and what a great selection the coach has before. The tournament, undoubtedly the team’s main goal, keeper, s Emiliano Martinez, they Aston Villa, keeper, booked the spot immediately following his transfer to determine Camp Club. From Arsenal two years ago, his backups are coronavirus really of the aerial and Franco Armani off, River Plate, untalented squamous. So ntsb’s Walter Bonitas are also worth mentioning all those Colonia is unlikely to call them up. In the first three are fit.

Very Professional Coach that knows everything

The coaches favorite for the right back. Position is no way Molina removed to a Perico Madrid from udinese last summer however he has considerable competition. One Voice from the aerial and Gonzalo, Montiel from Sevilla are breathing down his neck. Perhaps, the main breakthrough since the last World Cup is that Argentina have a generation of really good Central Defenders at the previous, two World Cups. Few people took Lyle dissidence, the seriously precisely because of the weakness of the Pants particularly its Santa. Remember the last World Cup even such characters as that that Eco fancy.

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Here Is Why Argentina WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP! Messi’s Last Dance

Oh and that I me ruefulness Maury or part of the national team currently the center of the Argentine defense is cemented by Alessandro Martinez from Manchester United and Christian Romero from Tottenham, sounds very solid. Wouldn’t you agree, experienced veterans, Nikolas otamendi from Benfica and Herman Botella from here and Deena are always ready to replace them. I’m on artist with I’d single out and now the Fiorentina Center back with the experience of playing for the national team, Lucas Cuarta, and young Talent button dommatina from Lance. Although Marcos Senna, see, from Bournemouth.

Big Competition but more players are there

And now, we a from udinese also have a chance to go to the World Cup. There is a fierce competition for the lamp back position between two players Nicholas Talia, fika of Leon and Marcos Acuna of Sevilla. Recently, the Leon representative has been on the field, a little more often. But in fact, there’s a constant Rotation between them, let’s be honest. If these two are fit, no other live Defenders will go to Qatar for the past two years. Kalani has never called up anyone other than Talia vehicle and Acuna to this position. As an option will give this its part to the young representative of the less a steel Francisco or Tessa.

Let’s move on to the Midfield as in a 4-4-2 formation. Be idea is Giovanni low sales oh and Juventus Winger and healthy Maria have the best chances to be the main fullbacks skylon is 0. Counting on Babu, Gomez from severe and on, he’ll Korea from Atlético. If he has time to get in shape, Nico Gonzalez from Fiorentina will also go to the World Cup. Young Thiago almada who represents Atalanta from MLS, also has a chance on the candidate include Emily, honorable India, addict lamella and Lucas, ocampos Leonel. Saloni also has a good selection in the center of the Midfield atlético’s Frederica de Paul. And you basically, Andrew Perez are the most obvious contenders for the starting lineup. But Alexis McAllister from Brighton and Guido Rodriguez from Patty’s cannabis.

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Young Sensation is on Fire

This competition on them young sensation and so Fernandez from Benfica and promising. Ezekiel Palacios from German buyer have every chance to go to the tournament. Everything is stable and predictable in Attack, the main pair of follett’s will be allowed out on Martinez from enter and Leo masse from the Star. PSG their clothes. It backups are likely to be in Man City Striker Giuliana, livadas and roma newcomer Fowler dibala it’s unlikely that skull Oni will take any third Center forward Apart from Martinez and Alvarez but as an option will give the spot to Giovanni Simeone from nobody enters how again, Korea will most likely be an alternative to Massey and dibala.

Well, this lineup looks really interesting and competitive tell us in the comments if we unfairly didn’t include a play in the list of contenders for a trip to these, welcome Leo Messi is a factor on its own while I I’ll be so nice to have a chance to win. At 35, the Argentinian Superstar is in incredible shape. This season. Lionel has six goals and eight assists in, 11 matches for PSG. He confirmed his excellent form in the last matches for the national team. Scoring two goals each against Honduras and Jamaica to Massey’s.

Maxell inform left and his crazy motivation to bring such a desired, woke up to his homeland. This is the only trophy that he hasn’t yet born and this is exactly the trophy. That is the most desired in his career. Let’s be honest. The first half of the Season at the beach G4. Leo is preparation for the World Cup in Qatar, when he signed the contract with the parisians. According to some rumors, the agreement contains special Clauses regarding the priority of the national team for the player, even then Messi was thinking about the tournament, which once again emphasizes his motivation.

Coach who understands how to manage team

Finally, the Argentina national team has a coach who understands how to manage this team for liana’s Colonial experience in the main team is. First in the head coach Rowe, the 44 year old specialist LED Argentina. In 2080 Heaven Borges in the staff of previous coach Jorge sampaoli until then yeah it was under saloni that the Argentina national team won. The first coat on Erica since 1993 so why not Not win their first World Cup since 1986 in fact it’s colonias main success. Is that he combined the ability to get along with numerous stars of the team and good Technical Training as well. Exact takes everything is quite simple.

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The coach does everything to reveal the genius of Lionel Messi as much as possible. According to some reports messy, told the coach that he is most comfortable playing in a 4-4-2 formation where he would be the second strike. Group was a free roll, actually this water Nation in which messy and so our has excelled in Ernesto, Valverde Barcelona. He always wants to play. And as long as I’m the national team coach, he will always play. There is no doubt about that. If nothing happens, it will always be on the bench and perform its colonies and about Messi in a recent interview. Everything ingenious is simple scan.

Incredible result is on card

Only did everything as the leader wanted and got an incredible result which is measured not only by the Copa América. Wind currently the Argentina national team has a stray cat. Of 35 games without defeat this side, has not lost since 2018 and can break the record of the Italian national team, which is 37 matches for this LOL business, the must go unbeaten in the World Cup group stage matches against Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.

A task that seems quite doable. And what do you think of this fact, Lionel Colonia, and they’ll not messy. In addition to being namesakes went to 2006 World Cup together as players and they even spent about 30 Minutes on the pitch together in the round of 16 with in a match against Mexico for scaglione that Mash was the only one in which he appeared on the field. What do you think guys can Argentina when the World Cup and will Lionel Messi be able to fulfill his most cherished dream? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and like this video, If you enjoyed it, by the way, we’re ready to make soup.

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