8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know

8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know

Today we’re going to solve eight clothing issues. Most guys have used these tricks that you can now use to always look on point. Let’s hop into it.

1. Zippers

zippers are kind of an annoying thing. you have to tug of war with them until you can zip them up or down or be, you have some loose cheap zipper, that keeps unzipping down in your Flyers all open. Well for the first problem, there’s an easy trick you can do and it’s grabbing some Vaseline and lubing up the whole track system or you can even do that with graphite as well, where you’re going to notice that zipper is now going to Glide for the second situation.

If your flies always coming down and grab a keyring put Through the zipper. And then once you reach the top, hang the key ring on the button, then button your pants and I can guarantee you that zipper. It’s not going anywhere.

2. The muffin top

I hate that thing, most guys simply just stuffed shirt into their pants and literally within one hour and your shirt will look like this if you’re dressing classier dressing up or your first date, whatever it is to the point that you’re tucking in your shirt, the only and right way to do it. You need a were, some sort of shirts t-shirts days. I have been around.

For decades guys have been using it because they work what shirts they do. Is it anchors down your shirt to your socks? And with these, from our sponsor, kk & J, even if you’re not wearing socks, their shirt stays that anchor down to below your cap.

So you can even wear them more casually, especially now for summer, if you’re trying to go for that, no socks. Look, the point. Is that a shirt? They will anchor down your shirt to the point that you can do any sort of movement. You want to stretch up, Reach Out, sit down, and that It’s always going to look perfect, which is what you want, because when you’re having a sharp outfit.

Check the goal

your goal is for your image to look streamlined all day and we’re shirts things. That’s what you get these particular ones from to are made here in the USA with high-quality materials and high-quality Metals.

So you can assure you that you only need to buy one pair and that’ll be more than enough. So you can use it the rest of your life to make sure that you’re always on point. Like I previously stated though. They do have the other option of shirt stays that you can use without actually having to We’re dress socks.

And honestly, I would recommend that one as well. If you want to buy both and the case, you’re ready for either scenario. But the point is don’t be the guy that just stops in his shirt and then walks out. That’s why you’re always constantly dealing with that problem of the muffin top. That’s probably driving, you insane, invest in these bad, boys. They’re going to be linked down below with the code. That makes them super affordable. It’s a secret weapon that Every guy should have.

3. Look

I know every guy can relate to this one, you know, something. If you’re wearing shorts or jeans Then all of a sudden it looks like wood. He’s ready to go. Yeah, you’re chill. As hell hanging with the group of guys and even some ice cream. Your clothing is betraying you making everybody else think that you’re turned on but is your pants are scrunching up. It happens all the time. This usually happens to a lot of guys and I know you’re probably self-conscious about it.

So the problem why this happens is because of that excess fabric. Usually, this means the pants or shirt that you’re wearing are too big from the waist and don’t fit you properly and probably you’ll need to size down. What happens is that when you buy pants that are bigger than your waist. Waist. And then you grab a belt and cinch it up. As soon as you sit down that excess fabric just scrunches down and when you stand up and well, it looks like you just directed your Monument. So when you buy pants or shorts make sure they fit from the waist.

4. It’s all about how to make clothing last longer.

As you know, clothing tends to deteriorate over time wearing out the more you wash it. So to avoid this damage, every time you wash something that you want to preserve like a graphic, tee-shirt, or your raw denim.

There, whatever it is, you want to keep it as new as possible. Turn it inside out. This will be more gentle on the side of the fabric that people see to preserve it for the long run and give it a deeper clean, to the interior part of the fabric, which is what’s actually against your skin and gets all the sweat and the stench.

5. Find a good tailor

This trick is all about how to find a good tailor because every stylish man needs to have a good tailor that can make their clothing that perfectly onto them. The hard part Is that finding a good tailor? And so the trick is wherever you are hop on Google and look for local, Taylor’s and your area and pick three to four with the best ratings. Then go to each one and give them the same tasks. Like, you can take a pair of pants and ask for them, and a tape or something, simple from there. You can inspect the craftsmanship and see, which will give you the best results and the most precise fit.

6. Wear Dress Shoes

when you wear dress shoes that are a little bit too tight. A lot of times you end up with Exposed Skin because the button starts pulling it, any type of movement. It looks almost looks awkward.

But there’s a cheap fix. Just go to unite nine cent store and buy double-sided tape. It’s going to be the best dollar here. Spending any time you wear the shirt, just place it in the buttons that always tend to pull after that. You can move all you want. Without having your skin, awkwardly popping out.

7. Having a Whimsy wrinkled collar.

There’s nothing worse to have a casual shirt with a collar that’s all wrinkled up and just looks cheap something that is not even shirt stays can fix. If this isn’t the case, go to your girl’s bathroom and steal her flat iron. Grab it, turn it on to high heat and iron that collar out for that razor straight. Look and here’s a bonus Pro tip also, do the upper part of the placket of your shirt. This way. You can get a nice erect clean collar that makes your shirt look a little bit more expensive.

8. It’s all about storing your pants.

So if you’ve ever stored your trousers or your chinos or your denim on hangers, you probably know this you work so hard to organize your closet and after a few days, the pants are falling all the time. They just slide off the easy hack. Use this fold. Essentially, what you do is turn the pants upside down and I think the legs you’re going to interlock them on the hanger that way, it doesn’t matter how much you look through your closet and move clothing around those pants.

They’re not sliding down and that’s it for today’s video, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Those are eight clothing tricks that you probably didn’t know of. If you guys liked this video and found it informative. Don’t forget to drop us a like down below. That’s it for me in today’s post. See you next time. That’s right, boys. Today. I’m going to show you very simple things that you can do most of these.