Who won 25 lakh in dream11? The Ultimate List of Users

Today everyone wants to earn big money. Many people started their journey on a fantasy platform that gives quick money.  The question is has anyone won more than 25 lakh in dream11? If you have any knowledge about any game then you can start to play fantasy games because fantasy games can give you a big amount of money. Can anyone win 25 lakh in dream11? Before we tell you who won 25 lakh in dream11 you should know how to win more money in dream11.

List of Players who won more than 25 lakh in dream11.

What are the requirements for earning big in dream11? The only thing that you required to win Big in dream11 is the skill. If you have the skill then you can make big money. You also need to master your mathematical skills. Learn the art of permutation and commutation from the internet.

Today in this article we will tell you how to win 25 lacs in dream11.

1. Chose Game Type Wisely

Firstly, you have to decide whether you want to play Grand League or you want to play small l League. Because you cannot play every League can expect your winning every time. You have to master at least one leak type.

It is up to you how much people you want to see against you. if you can compete with millions of people then you can join Grand League and if you are not able to compete with many people then you can choose to play small leagues. Many people play every League and end up losing everything that they added on a dream 11 account.

 If you are good at playing small legs then just play small League and develop some skills to play small leagues. Don’t even think about the Grand League because you think that you cannot play the Grand League because there is high competition and your capital can vanish quickly. So the final word plays only those leagues that suit you.

2. Follow the Trend

This point is similar to the stock market where you have to plan according to the nature of the trend. These ways you need to pick most players from a team which has more chances of winning the game. This way one of your play may hit century or take five wickets haul.

Just need to find out who may give an extraordinary performance on a particular day. Mostly avoid average players as their performance may not be impacted too much.

3. Focus on Award Receivers

Your previous player who won any award can also give you a much-needed boost as they are already full of energy. For winning a big amount you have to create a list of past matches award receivers. This list will make your chances of winning 25 lacs. Few important awards

  • Man of the match
  • Man of the series
  • Purple Cap Holder
  • Orange cap holder

Players from this award list may repeat they’re good performance and you may be rewarded with 25 lakhs.

4. Avoid Overplaying

Try to relax for a while. Your mind needs some rest as making team for hours and watching the full game may not be a very easy task to manage. Make a routine to manage work-life balance. You might feel tired if not done properly. Few examples:

  • Playing Only night games
  • Playing Only T20 leagues

This way you are not playing every game and giving some time to your mind to rethink.

5. Avoid to Enter in Last Minute

Create your team well before the game and enter in your choice of the league. Always try to avoid last-minute joining of any league as it can harm your chances of winning big.

Generally big or most experienced user join leagues at last moment and that can help them to win because they have multiple combinations of teams.

6. Change Your Habit of Overplaying

Most people fail in their work because they take the unrealized risk. You might be in full trouble if your risk is not measured. Play only those games where you feel confident.

Why play where you can’t make money. Overplaying means overinvesting and that leads to your fall. Manage your risk-reward ratio before every game.

No matter who won 25 lakh in dream11 but you will surely achieve that goal. Keep playing with strict rules and money management. 

Note: This article explained some of the important points to win 25 lakh.