14 Proven Ways to Heal From a Breakup

Girlfriend thinking about his breakup with sleeping boyfriend

How can you heal from a breakup and glue the pieces of your broken heart back together?

How to really heal from a breakup when nothing is working. Will the pain of breakup go away? No matter what your partner did in the past but its actually you who may need to decide the future of your relationship. A broken heart is something that cannot be cured very early without applying real cures. But can you seriously look after your breakups? Do you really want to heal from your breakups?

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Today we will tell you the seven most valued suggestions for maintaining your life after break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But are you ready to start it now? The spirit of your heart can help you to heal it in the most fascinating way. How long does it take to heal from a breakup? The answer is not accurate but you can get the result within 1 month if followed every point seriously. Recovering from a Breakup is not as easy as you think but it can be done. Meanwhile, you can also check breakup recovery time.

These are the fourteen must do things to heal from a breakup:

  1. Start to forget what he did to you
  2. Think about your first date
  3. Remove and Replace
  4. Delay your messaging reply to your ex
  5. Return everything that you got from your boyfriend or girlfriend
  6. Stop looking after him in college, company or school wherever you meet
  7. Do only those things that he might hate
  8. Try to talk with others to feel her jealous
  9. Know Your Value
  10. Learning those emotional things that you lacked
  11. Helping Others
  12. Grief does you, you don’t do grief
  13. Your ex is your professor
  14. Reboot your nervous system

Going through a breakup does not make you broken. Abundant grace and mercy will strengthen you to move forward.

Don’t know what reason was responsible for your breakup but you need to fix it as soon as possible. Most people start very late and it ends in a very poor way. But it depends on you to over or repair it. Finding the best solution to glue the pieces of your broken heart back together is very emotionally hard but not impossible. The time required to recover your breakup depends mostly on your partner’s reaction when you meet him.

Most of the couples end their relationship without trying to recover it. But why you don’t need to try? Give a try and then see the results.

1. Start to forget what he did to you

You need to move on and think about the best possible trick to get back your emotional touch. Just figuring out the reason for your break up will not help you but you need to fix it. Most of the boyfriend or girlfriend generally don’t know how to repair their relationship but you can make it possible. Forget every word that he told you in a broken manner or in an angry mood to just have more faith about her. You can still love her if your heart wants.

Money or sexual desire may be the reason for your broken relationship but how far it has gone is important. Has he slapped you in front of your friends or colleagues? This may break you but still, you can convince him to apologize in front of the same audience and keep up your relation.

2.Think about your first date

No one talks about the first meetup but it makes your chances of loving him more and more possible.  Remembering about the first date will surely make you full of emotionally touched one. Have you heard some girl do not like the past they had but some like it very well? You must have checked your girlfriend or boyfriend’s desire to continue the relationship.

If you don’t cry, it means you aren’t sorry about the loss.

The entire story of your first date will surely force you to remember him and start loving again. Checking the list of things you did in that small date will motivate your lovely thoughts. Check what he gave you on your first date. Has he cared about you more than anyone else? Try to catch-up every word of the first dating night to have experienced.

Don’t forget to figure out the colour of rose that he gave you on that first date. But have you stored those flowers to store your friend’s memories in your heart?

3. Remove and Replace to Recovering from a Breakup

It’s time to remove those unnecessary thoughts and things that your friend gave you. Instead of throwing you can replace them with a brand new one and feel better. What you can buy and replace to feel heartened?

  • Keep more flowers to get more happiness around you.
  • Pack all watches, bracelets & clothes that your girlfriend gave you as a gift.
  • Change your hairstyle which was later recommended by your boyfriend.
  • Change all books were you have written your boyfriends name with you.
  • Stop visiting the nearby cafe and start walking in the garden

These steps might help you to feel alone for a few months and you may feel to get back your partner. Your eagerness and will to get back on relationship track will change your life forever.

4.Delay your messaging reply to your ex

One of the worst feelings in the world is when your friend delays replaying on message. The frustration can be understood and you can teach a big lesson. You might have replied instantly in your good days of a relationship but now you can delay your replay for more than 1 hours to frustrate your girlfriend.

  1. More delay means more eagerness to meet you
  2. No use of social media means he will not find you online and hence he will meet you personally

What deep secrets is she hiding that she dare not speak and feel guilty about? Don’t we know? Stop using Facebook, WhatsApp and SnapChat for few days. Your girlfriend will surely miss and call you about your absence your those social media platforms.

5.Return everything that you got from your boyfriend or girlfriend

Most boyfriend gives bracelets and watches to keep their girlfriend happy. But now you can start to return everything that you got as a gift. You might be emotionally attached to those things but you have to do. So what you are going to get in return? Well, there is a slight chance that your friend might start to sort out the issue and start loving you.

But before you get too stuck in that situation, you need need to make a list of things that you can return and also ask to do the same. A list that I prepared for you:

  • Friendships Novels on Friendship day
  • Flower buckets
  • Bracelets
  • Fancy watches
  • Sexy Sandals
  • Expensive Pens

Mix all these things and pack in a good way that might impress your friend. Start with one by one and tell him to return your things also. This may create a phase where you both try to settle down on restarting the broken relationship. This way you can heal your relationship in a most dramatic way.

6. Stop looking after him in college, company or school wherever you meet

There are so many places where you may meet or see each other’s face. But now you need to learn the art of ignoring herself. So will it change anything? Yes, He or She will try to find the reasons for your ignorance. That might force her to meet you and ask about more clarity about your breakup.

Move your face or change the direction when you face her. Leave a place where you find him and start looking for other options. What does this step mean? This will force him to follow you.

7. Do only those things that he might hate

Start those things that you stopped to spend more time with your girlfriend. Now you can spend more time with your family and watch more TV and Netflix. Spend some time to play with pets to get a more lovely feeling.

Make a weird hairstyle that your friend might not like and he may suggest you better one. You can act calling other males in front of your boyfriend to feel him jealous.

8. Try to talk with others to feel her jealous

It’s a reality when you talk with your girlfriend’s friend, your girlfriend may feel jealous. So you can try the same thing with your boyfriend’s friend. What will change in this approach? Your boyfriend might start to settle the issues with you.

Do more and more frankly talking when you are talking with any male friend in front of your boyfriend. That might burst his heart. Jealousy can work for you if your friend feels it.

9.Know Your Value to Recover from a Breakup

You know how well are you. You need to calculate your own brand value and match with your girlfriend’s value. Is it matching? If it is then you are good to go. But first, find what you can do and can’t do. Check those tasks that can help you to heal your breakup.

Your actual value will decide where your relationship will end. You can check your value online with various tools. Check yourself that you are capable of repairing your broken relationship. If you feel something then you might get positive results. Your chances of getting back your girlfriend are very thin if you don’t feel anything.

10.Learning those emotional things that you lacked

Emotion is the biggest ideology that one cannot learn or earn overnight. You can only learn it practically. Remember why you cried when first time your boyfriend abused you. Do you hate about shopping? Don’t let your friend know more deep wound of yourself.

Learn how to not cry when you are not guilty. Instead of crying, you can tell your friend about his mistakes. But what your friend might feel with your emotion. You can start to blackmail him emotionally and heal from your breakup.

11.Helping Others

Help others to get more and more blessings from almighty god. Start working for the poor and those who are in need. This will make your image more transparent. You need to start giving helping ideas to everyone surrounding you.

This way your boyfriend might also ask for help and you can fix his issues. If you continue good work, Your chances of making a good relationship are high. Your helping nature will surely attract your girlfriend and she will want you back.

12. Grief does you, you don’t do grief

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. Often, the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt, and profound sadness. The pain of grief can also disrupt your physical health, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or even think straight.

You need to be very strong in order to grief. Also, it might help you to check your heart and your love for your boyfriend. Just grief and forget about anything that happened in your life.

13. Your ex is your professor

Learning is the biggest art that everyone should know on earth. You need to learn from your ex. What he did is a  big lesson for you. And now it’s up to you to decide what to do. You can ask your ex to forget about those mistakes and start from the beginning if he also wants.

Make a list of big mistakes in your mind to avoid those silly mistakes. This will make your relationship more powerful then it was before breakup. Tell them what he did wrong in his life that hurt you most. Also, tell him the reason why you broke with him. This will improve your conversation and you will start talking more.

14.Reboot your nervous system

Now the thing which is necessary to clean up is rebooting the nervous system. But how to do it? Get a good sleep to have a rest. You can also visit the beach to spend a few hours. A peaceful place is the most recommended location for your relationship query sort-out.

If nothing is working with good sleep then you can take a long break and plane a journey to get back on track.

Final Conclusion on Recovering from a Breakup

You can definitely recover after a breakup if your heart says it. It generally takes some time to heal from a breakup so have some patience. Now you know how to heal from a breakup and live a better life with your girlfriend.

Whether you are a person who has recently had a breakup or you’ve experienced past heartache that hasn’t absolutely healed, Renew will let you rewire the heart so you can pass ahead in a wholesome way, making space for brand new beginnings and new love.