How Long Does a Tesla Battery Last? Biggest Myth

Two electric cars charging at outdoor charging pump.

From the last half of decades, the trend of electric car has increased dramatically and Tesla made a high impact. Their capabilities are world known and technology they are stronger than every opponent. Last April, Elon Musk guaranteed that Tesla would before long have the option to control its electric autos for more than 1 million miles through the span of their life expectancy.

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At the time, the case appeared to be excessive. That is more than twofold the mileage Tesla proprietors can hope to escape their vehicle’s present battery packs, which are as of now well past the operational scope of most other EV batteries. It simply didn’t appear to be genuine—with the exception of now apparently it is.

Battery capacity is just a myth

Failures and defects are quite rare. Most importantly the life span of electric vehicle developed by Tesla Motors are very powerful in nature and are capable of going very long distance. But have you ever thought about how much distance the car will cover when it is fully charged? This is the biggest myth that Tesla have ever created on earth.

Tesla’s capacity to produce high quality and long lasting batteries is something that everyone needs to learn. But  it’s still a big myth when we think about actual method of Tesla’s power generating capabilities.

How long really the Tesla battery last?

Tesla has been shipping the Model S since 2012. It guarantees its battery (and drive unit) for 8 years and unlimited mileage. So none of those batteries are out of warranty yet. And are still in operation for testing it’s capabilities.

The newer Model 3 batteries are guaranteed for 8 years. Also gives 120k or 100k miles with minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity over the warranty period.

The Battery, like all lithium-ion batteries, can expertise gradual energy or power loss with time and use. Loss of Battery energy or power over time or thanks to or ensuing from Battery usage, isn’t lined beneath this Battery restricted warrant. See your owner documentation for vital data on a way to maximize the life and capability of the Battery.

Data from actual Model S drivers shows that virtually all of them still have over 90% of the original capacity after 150,000 miles.

Elon Musk said in an interview that their lithium-ion battery should be able to power an electric vehicle for over 1 million miles while losing less than 10 percent of its energy capacity during its lifetime. That is huge achievement if they will be able to make it.

How far can a Tesla Model 3 battery go on a single charge?

When you are dealing with just electricity to compensate your fossil fuel needs, you need to be very accurate in its consumption. The most reliable methodology of gauging longevity is totally exhausting the battery and so upping it to 100 percent.

Tesla’s top recommendation for long battery life and capacity

1.When a battery is tends to discharge and only 20 percent is remaining, you need to charge it. Charge every time when it discharge more than 75%. Now you need the learn how and when to plugin the battery to full charge it.

2.Always charge a battery for more than 80%. This way you can increase the life span and the warranty will be infinite in nature.

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3.Never ever unfold the battery capacity as it reduces the life and make no sense of high performing capacity. Tesla is aiming for batteries and vehicles that last 1,000,000 miles. This is actually looks funny sentence when we first time read it. But it is the reality and they are very near to achieve this feat.

A Look Inside the Crystal Ball

In Gregorian calendar month this year, Elon Musk declared new batteries are ready to face up to the beating of 500,000 miles. The body and drive unit can last double that, implying just one battery replacement over the overall period of the automobile.

In different words, associate improved drive train ought to offer you a minimum of many decades. what’s additional, the corporate can offer battery module replacements for between $5,000 and $7,000.

Skeptics aren’t thus convinced. They suppose these claims area unit additional on the optimistic facet. though that finally ends up being true, we have a tendency to truly expect to ascertain important enhancements.

We should always be truthful and say that not everything is that the fault or advantage of the manufacturer.

In all probability, charging habits have associate influence on the deterioration rates. Tesla explicit on one occasion that consistent supercharging hurts the battery health.

Environmental factors aren’t to be unmarked either. Extreme heat, for example, may be a scourge of each electrical battery’s existence. different factors enjoying a job area unit average speed and frequency of quick charging.

Despite the hurdles although, Tesla vehicles area unit a rather cost-efficient proposal. you ought to be ready to fancy several carefree hours behind the wheel. within the method, you furthermore may facilitate preserve the surroundings.

Everything you need to know about Tesla’s Battery Degradation

Battery degradation is often a big concern for new electric vehicle buyers. And why the latest trends and updates are still supporting the Tesla’s electric battery for upcoming electric vehicle. You won’t believe that Nissan Leaf gives much more comprehensive battery capacity warranty now.

A 70 kWh Tesla battery uses 63 kg of Lithium Carbonate Li2CO3, of which 19% or 12 kg is Lithium. That’s about 0.17 kg/kWh in Tesla Batteries.

Why i can’t really believe Tesla’s infinite year battery warranty?

I’m taking it very serious as my study on fuel consumption of any vehicle says that your vehicle will only last maximum of 70 years. But the case study released by the company of Elon musk says that their batteries will last for several million years. If you ask me, i won’t believe it but i now started to believe on it as their reports are saying the truth.

Currently i’m living in India and i have Honda-BRV which runs on diesel. The total capacity of the tank is 50 liter. And i can go less than 1000 km in the same fuel. So that’s why it’s very tough to digest such things which says about battery capacity as million years. But still the market for electric vehicle in India can get a big boost if the price of electric vehicles may become lower.

I’m little worries about the price of Tesla batteries. They might make billions of dollars but as a simple man my chances of purchasing the Tesla batteries are very low.

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