Should the Death Penalty be Abolished?

There’s no ‘humane’ way to kill

Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The biggest religious faith on earth is human and no one can overrule it. Even the almighty god also agrees with this point but man is the man. Can you think about killing anyone who practiced severe criminal activities? Some will agree while some will disagree. But you might be surprised after knowing that below-shown countries have completely abolished the death penalty from their constitution.

  1. Burkina Faso
  2. The Gambia
  3. Malaysia
  4. USA(Washington)

But today it is very important to find people who are harming the existence of humans. But is it just possible by killing them? Yes, there are so many penalties described in different countries constitution. Some give the death penalty while some are limiting it to life imprisonment.

Should the Death Penalty be Abolished completely?

You might feel the answer to this question if one of your relatives has experienced severe criminal violence. Most of the people are doing it just for money but can you kill anyone for a few dollars. You might feel excited to kill the killer of your relative but what if the law can give him the death sentence by hanging him.

All executions violate the right to life. Those carried out publicly are a gross affront to human dignity which cannot be tolerated.

The complete removal of death sentence is really not possible because crime rates are not supposed to reduce. And that will more likely force the ruling government to continue the practice of capital punishment which is necessary to reduce the crime rate.

My View on the death sentence!

I’m very clear on the point and my view is that we should never completely stop death penalty. Because it helps us to fight against those people who likes to hate humanity and try to destroy it. But you will still find legit reasons to completely end it or not once you read this full post.

Why it is necessary to continue the death penalty

Crime rates are increasing at very high speed and every day various kind of crimes are coming in front of us. There are very serious crimes which need to be stopped. Punishment and high level of penalty can be given to those who show good character but what about serial killer.

Rape and murder cases cannot be ignored by just punishing criminals. Giving death sentence is very much important when a crime is very high. No one can stop crimes overnight but can take big steps to stop them. You will notice that crime rates in developed countries are very less compared to developing nations. The reason is very clear and you better know why a good economy gives a good environment for every citizen.

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Gang rapes, murder case, terrorism and anti national activities are such kind of activities where it is necessary to use the capital punishment for criminal. The rates of Executions are totally different in all parts of world while the rate of number of penalties are very high in Asia & Arab countries. Even some of the Arab countries follow death sentence for small and very silly mistakes that can be accepted in some cases.

Death penalty is important to continue as part of legal punishment in India and Asian nations as crime rates are also very high. The accidental stoppage can also boost the rates of crime in the region which is very dangerous to control.

What do other nations think about the death sentence?

Recently Washington becomes the 20th State to abolish the death penalty. But the whole US think differently on the same matter and they all follow different rules for the following. Currently in 2019-2020, most of the measure countries of third world has started to put an end to death penalty. The almighty god gives life to every one who lands on earth but no one is assigned a role to kill anyone than why should we do it. We can try other different methods to make more and more humble, polite and good humans on earth. Should the Death Penalty be Abolished completely? It’s somehow hard to reply for the later but we need to find it very early.

In United Arab Emirates, death penalty and executions are carried through either a firing squad, hanging or stoning. Is it humanity to practice execution of someone who made severe crime? If it is serious crime than we need to find a way to completely remove it. But giving death sentence is not a legit solution of any problem. Although, it will give some kind of happiness to the family and relatives of victim.

Religious effect also impacted to retain the death penalty
  • The holly Quran also recommend the use of death weapon when the crimes are in very high category and needs a stronger punishment. In some part of quran, it is written that when a crime is not acceptable than the criminal must be send to Allah to confess his or her mistake. By the way, we are not saying that all Muslim country follow the same trend of Quran but almost all or measure countries follow the same trend.
  • In Bhagavad Gita, there is no mention of death penalty for any kind of crime. but people who follow Hindu religion are also demanding the death penalty for those who involved in gang rape or murder cases where it is necessary.
  • Also there is slight mention for giving a death or complete capital punishment in Christianity. But there is very less chance that people of this community being involved in severe criminal cases. Still these community and it’s member oppose the death penalty and continue their support to ban it.

Crimes that tends to death penalty

Have a look on Country vice numbers of death penalty

  • Africa (5 countries): Botswana (2), Egypt (43+), Somalia (13+), South Sudan (7+), Sudan (2)Numbers executed in 2018
  • Americas (1 country): United States (25)
  • Asia-Pacific (14 countries): Afghanistan (3), China (unknown number), Iran (253+), Iraq (52+), Japan (15), North Korea (?), Pakistan (14+), Saudi Arabia (149+), Singapore (13), Syria (unknown number), Taiwan (1), Thailand (1), Vietnam (85), Yemen (4+)
  • Europe (1 country): Belarus (4+)

History of the death penalty

Amnesty International opposes the death penalty unconditionally. In 2017, the US gave the death penalty to almost 23 criminals from different states. This numbers are very huge in case of a developed country as there are very few case noted against other developed countries.

  • Alabama (3)
  • Arkansas (4)
  • Florida (3)
  • Georgia (1)
  • Missouri (1)
  • Ohio (2)
  • Texas (7)
  • Virginia (2)

It really hurts when a number of death sentences are practiced from a single region. Arkansas alone witnessed 4 death sentences in a single year but still the crime rate has not decreased.

China sentences second Canadian to death. A court in China has sentenced a Canadian citizen to death for producing and trafficking methamphetamine. Fan Wei is the second Canadian to be sentenced to death this year. Ten others, including five foreigners, were also sentenced on Tuesday.

When we talk about capital punishment, china is the only country that uses the death penalty as it’s measure form of punishment but have this changed anything? Perhaps no. Day by day the rate of rape and murder cases are increasing.

Will the ban on death penalty can decrease the crime rate?

Nothing can stop crimes overnight but we can at least reduce some part of sever crimes. If you ask me, i will never recommend a death sentence to any criminal. But it hurts when some one from your closest relative gets effected by such kind of incidents and that time you just want to kill the person who made that big mistake.

There is no guaranty that the ban will help to maintain the crime rates under control. But it will surely motivate the criminals to do their work with more freedom as the punishment is not very big. They know how to manage life time imprisonment in prison. Most of the criminal clear the case by the use of money and judicial power.

The actual impact can be seen on the people if there is something that can teach humanity. Once the people know how life is lived, than it is very easy to establish a friendly and safe living planet. But it will take many more year to achieve the goal and ban on death punishment.