How To Become Famous? Without Any Talent!

How to Get Famous

Fame and money do not come very easy for anyone. It requires smart work with hard efforts. Don’t worry about anything because today we will tell you the best way to get famous on any platform you wish. You just need to follow these steps and you are good to get famous. Wow!! Is it as easy as we think? Yes, it’s really easy but it should be creative enough to attract your audience. Most of the people are without any skill or talent but still they have something to survive on earth. Today, we will share mind-blowing tips to become famous without any talent.

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It’s not necessarily to become a famous musician, a famous writer, or a famous artist — it’s simple enough to become famous.

Tight your seat belt and forget to do anything for 15 minutes to read this mind-blowing post. You will be counting money after one or two years if implemented properly. Also, don’t worry if you are someone without any talent or knowledge.

Before you start to read this post, we would like to inform you that this article is not for you if you are willing to get famous from Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram or any other social media platform. Here we will only talk about 7 unique way of becoming famous without any talent. Overnight fame is something that you need to consider if you want to get instant popularity and become rich.

#1. Buy Musical Instrument & Play it on Public Place

Oh my god! Music is the most demanding and attractive act in the world. I personally stop doing anything to listen to someone playing guitar or harmonium. Yes, it happens with many people who love to sing or listen to songs but hesitate to sing in public places.

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But you must have to do it for getting some kind of fame in starting. Are you confused about how to start? Don’t worry about it as we are here to make you the most popular in singing. What you need to do is to find out what instrument you can start to play. It can be anything but chose it wisely as you will require to attract your audience while playing it.

List of few instruments to get famous in public

  1. Trumpet
  2. Harmonica
  3. Banjo
  4. Violin
  5. Piano
  6. Guitar
  7. Conga

How to start getting famous without any talent

1. Start with any instrument listed above and try to watch tutorials on YouTube. The guitar is my favorite tool if you ask me as it gives a great feeling to everyone who listens. Also, it depends on what kind of audience you are addressing. It’s tough to perform alone so keep a few of your friends with you while you perform. Remember to make a good relationship with the crowd as a single silly mistake can ruin your chances of getting fame.

2. Try to learn some of the best songs of Indian cinema to impress the audience. Also, you need to find a way to play in front of every kind of personalities. Check the mood of the people watching your performance by asking them how they judge his or her performance.

3. You can also ask them to connect on Facebook or Instagram for more interesting content. Gradually, your audience will grow and one day you will get some identity in public. But is it seriously one or two months a task? Well, it mostly depends upon your efforts and your eagerness to get popularity. Generally, it depends on what kind of audience you have.

4. Don’t forget to encourage your audience for sharing your performance on various platforms. You better know the power of YouTube and other social media where a single viral video can change your life forever. You need to build a contact list of your audience who can spread your performance with guitar or what you are playing. And once your video gets a good response, then you can expect some more popularity.

5. Look for auditions in your city and try to become a coordinator for events. Once you get some fame in your city then it becomes easy to popular at the national level or any other big stage. Give multiple auditions in a single month but never try too hard to just earn money. Money is important but not more than humanity. 

6. You might also be confused about choosing a place to play an instrument and attract other audience. Yes, this is very crucial for anyone to make a great impact on other listeners. Few things you should keep in mind while selecting a place for playing a musical instrument:

  1. A place should be open for everyone
  2. The best way is to perform in crowd places
  3. the garden is a  great place to explore yourself
  4. Avoid silent places as your mistakes can be noticed immediately.

How you can try a bold look to get noticed I public. So experiment on your heir to modernize yourself. Whatever you do should be something unique and creative enough to attract your audience.

Now the final advice for everyone who is willing to become famous instrumentalist is to try hard for every single second and don’t let go any opportunity from your hand.

#2. Start to dance on the road to become a famous dancer

Don’t get into trouble just because you cannot speak or sing in front of the audience. Think that you are not made up for that and something special is waiting for you.

Generally, dancers are the funniest people to watch when they perform a dance. But wait and watch as we are not going to tell you about professional dancers. These tips for becoming a popular dancer are only for those who are willing to get some fame through moving their body.

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Why you should try to dance and make a bigger appearance for your audience?

There are many reasons why should dance right away just because of getting famous in public. Think about a scenario where someone is dancing in front of you and you are also there. Can you stop yourself watching that act? I guess no. It’s a very attractive act and almost everyone starts watching it unless until they are not busy anywhere.

#3. Start begging on road with Qawwali song

This is something that you will feel ashamed while performing but it can be the finest formula to get in the limelight. Beggars are the least known people but are also known for their talent. you might have seen people begging in trains and other public transport. have you noticed them?

these guys will not directly ask you to give money but they will perform some activity like Qawwali or traditional song to interest you.

This style of becoming famous is only for those who don’t have a single penny to buy anything. There are many types of beggars exist in the world. All know how to survive on the earth. they beg money to survive on earth and you beg to become famous. So know the task is well understood but it’s tough to decide where to start and earn some dollars.

Few important things to purchase before getting fame in begging

  1. Modern dress with stylist T-Shirt
  2. Best Utensils
  3. Floor to sit
  4. Small purse to keep collected money
  5. A well recorded to keep track of your Qawwalis

Don’t be shy because many people do it for earning some cash. Just focus on singing great Qawwali to attract the audience. Now the question is were to sit for becoming the most popular Qawwali singer and a well-known beggar. You might be thinking to start away from crowd areas but we recommend to start from a very low population area where you can start and judge yourself.

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most people will ignore you but the people from Islamic religion will like your performance as Qawwalis are best performed in the Islamic religion. Day by day your performance will be watched by many other audiences and finally, some of your videos will go viral and you may get some fame. The day when your video will spread to the public, the public will start following you. Also, you need to regularly ask your audience about your performance.

Where to sit and start Qawwali?

You may have many places in your wish-list but it is very important to choose a catchy place for better engagement. Typically a place was people come to get relax will be a great choice. Few of some places are:

  • Garden
  • Open ground
  • Behind Fair
  • Behind School or Collage

Above a few listed places will work very fine for anyone wishing to start Qawwali. People generally come in the garden for relaxing and it can help them to get more interest from your Qawwali.

How much you can earn while singling Qawwali?

There are so many factors which can affect your earnings? Mostly it depends on the place where you sit to beg money. You can expect a minimum of 10 Rs. from a single person. And hence if 100 people give you 10 Rs. then you can expect 1000 Rs. daily and it’s enough to live a delightful life.

#4. Laughing practice on the street to get famous

Don’t laugh alone as you can also force others to do so. Then why not to start from a busy road. Laughter is also considered as a great exercise so people will have some interest in it is performed with a great attitude.

#5. Show your madness on the roadside to become popular

Are you really gonna mad? This is a very popular line we often listen from our friends or family. But can you do it in reality?

#6. Do any nonstop work and share with others

Just for your knowledge, many people are doing something unique and sharing online for getting famous in public. There are so many unique ideas on which you can start working but it should be good enough to attract your audience. At the end of the day, your audience will make you feel like a champion. The biggest advantage of getting famous without any talent is that you are not creating competitive environment.

#7. Break popular world records & become famous

Records are mainly created for breaking and you can be the person to break those records. But it requires a lot of time and works to achieve that fat. Are you ready to put your foot into this area? This is a very tough way to get famous.

List of few records you can break and become most popular among all

  • Eat continuously in public
  • Walk on a knife or keel
  • Touch open electric wires
  • Drive a bicycle without holding with hands
  • Make the most number of girlfriend
  • Smoke most number of cigarettes in a day
  • Eat live animals
  • Play with the most number of snakes

Start to focus on only one task to become the most popular personality. But what to do if you don’t have a single dollar to spend? You can still get the popularity in free of cost as all our way to becoming famous is unique, simple and attractive.

Social media geeks are not recommended to start from here as no point gives a way to famous from TikTok or Instagram.

#8. Walk on the street without wearing clothes for overnight fame

Almost everyone on earth will notice you if you are found without cloths. People will notice your body parts and you can get instant popularity in public.

But in this way of becoming popular, you may lose your clear image and people will see you as a bad character.

Never ever try this task near your home or places near your relatives. Try to find a place where no one knows you and you are totally stranger to the public.

The final verdict on how to become famous

Becoming famous without any talent is very difficult unless you show something different to the world. So here we have discussed my ways to get some fame and become reach. It’s up to you to choose one and work on it. Earning money and becoming a rich person is easy but for becoming famous it requires sensation. In this Era of interest, you can always become a well-known personality if your one video goes viral.

The only thing that you need to have is talent. If you have it then you may become famous one day. Therefore the way of becoming the most popular is to work very hard. Our best wishes are with you. 👍👍

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