Life Without Internet – Is it Possible to Survive in the World

Life Without Internet

Have you ever been curious about finding water drops in the fire? If the answer is yes then this is something that you have to know. Life without internet is possible and it’s not a cup of tea for a few teenagers. But are you someone who can control your emotions? Okay, then read it peacefully. We are sure that you will be happy after reading this piece of information. You cannot afford to live a happy and enjoyable life if you don’t know the power of the web today. This is not the time of the old era as everything now happens on the internet.

19th century is the era of digital practices. Almost all Billionaires used the internet in their business execution. Do you know that more than 90% of users who use the internet regularly say that they cannot survive without the internet? Just for fun, you only need a few things to survive on earth.

And these things are cheaply available to buy:

  • Food for Surviving on Earth
  • Shelter to Save our-self from Natural calamities
  • Home to sleep or eat comfortably

If your requirements are very low and don’t want to showcase then you can survive without surfing on google. Can you survive without searching on the internet? You can still survive without a laptop or computer but the internet is a tough thing to avoid.

Is this the right question? I think you need to modify your question before we tell you the solution to this question. But why we are asking you to change it? The reason is you won’t be able to do the same for yourself.

Can the world survive without the Internet?

Oh my lord!! Is this the question of the century? If you ask me, I can’t live without the internet. Even most of the people will fail to do so. Why can’t we find an alternative to the internet? Because there is no single replacement available on earth to try instead of the internet.

But have you ever thought about the lifestyle of African tribes? If not, then you must know that these tribes are not using a single electronic gadget in their life. Still, they are happy and enjoying their life. But what to do when you have to pass an urgent message to your relatives or close friends? Will you reach them by travelling 500 km or directly send them a text message. Remember, sorter the way easier the life. Life becomes easier when you do it without working hard.

Only a few things that can survive without the Internet are:

  1. All living animals
  2. Children who don’t know about it
  3. Old age people who are tired by using all over their life
  4. Outer regions of the world where the internet is just a name

You would have survived without online presence if you were not born in the 19th century. Have you ever thought about any online activity during the era of Ramayana or Mahabharata? Probably No. Every day new and advanced tools and techniques are coming and the old practices are disappearing. And it helps people to do their daily work more fast and efficiently. 

There are still vast disparities between the internet access rates of male and female online users in global regions worldwide. The contribution of both male and female is also the point to be noticed. We greatly appreciate the fact that girls are more accurate internet users. Does it help to do anything good? Yes, It makes life easier to complete your daily tasks. But it sucks your important time to learn those things instantly.

I’m sure that people from Europe or America will never stop to use the internet as that will make their life nothing but we can start doing this.

Advantages of life without internet

  • Less stressful life
  • Recharge needed just for calling or text message
  • Low income needed for high profile lifestyle
  • No need to carry a mobile phone
  • Long-life for eyes and improvement in concentration.
  • No service and brand promotion calls
  • More time for living a cheerful life
  • People will understand the importance of text messages

Can you handle the stress of your life without the right treatment? I guess no. Without a phone, you cannot contact anyone in a few seconds but if you don’t have a phone then you are free to meet anyone. You also don’t need to worry about Argent meetings because only phone or internet with Skype can provide this facility. You will be living with almost zero stress level.

But can you live a proud full life without lack of resources? Phone or internet is also a big resource in anyone’s life. But it is possible to sleep on the night without calling or making an argent call. And on the other side, you cannot sleep without using social media sites or application. This is huge for anyone who is willing to live a simple and easy life.

Why there is not a single alternative for Internet?

Internet generally connects you with far more information. And if you see today’s scenario, you won’t find a single replacement for the mighty Internet. You can do and find almost everything with the help of internet.

Not a single entity on earth can do the same. But why it’s necessary to find an alternative for internet? People are day by day increasing their time on the internet and it decreases their activity on other tasks.

There are plenty of other options available for everything on earth but some of the thing in the world is non-replaceable like the internet. Every social media site or application has it’s rival. But as of now, there is not a single company who can replace something like the internet.

The biggest reason why the internet is not something that can be replaced is the power of execution.

Countries living without Internet

You might be fooled by someone saying that the internet is everywhere. But there are so many countries or places where it’s really not possible to use the internet. But the real question is are they happy to live without using the internet or searching on Google or any other search engine? This will help you to know what others feel without the internet.

India is the biggest contributor of world internet users with almost 80% population uses the internet.

What will happen if the internet disappears from the earth?

Nothing is gonna happen if the internet disappears from the earth overnight. But it will impact the overall financial structure and earning strategy of the world. You know why western countries are more powerful than African or Asian countries. They started consuming the internet very early and we started very late. But why we started it very late? The reason is the price difference of internet charges in today’s time and in the 19th century.

Popular applications will stop working

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Twitter
  5. Snapchat
  6. Amazon
  7. Flipkart

We can’t imagine our life without the Internet and digital technology. But why it is beneficial to live without the Internet? You will get these questions to answer on your own if you stop surfing on the internet for just one day. You will find yourself more relaxed and happy than on regular days. We use it to make out life easier and happier than other days. That’s why we use online tools in our business or daily life. 

Generally, very few will survive without internet and some technology geek will die overnight due to lack of things to research. Most of the brand and business will lose their online presence in no internet mode.

Social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Snap-chat will become useless in the absence of internet as all these applications run on the internet.

How the internet is forcing others to die for a quick response?

Most of the user who uses the internet is due to its faster results. Why we google everything before asking the same thing to our teachers or parents? Because it gives instant results. You may find many results based on your quarries. But there is a big problem. Not all articles or blogs are fully authentic to believe or not. But what matters most is the speed of results. How internet speed is killing people day by day? This will surprise you! Most of the users who die in the early 40s are heavily dependent on the internet. Their life becomes full of online activities.

Some known issues detected due to Internet usage

  1. lack of concentration on study
  2. less interest in outdoor games
  3. high expectation from parents
  4. No future due to online gaming

Internet is the biggest reason for people’s low life but still, people are not stopping to use it. But why people are not serious about the over usage of the web? The true fact is that everyone is living to get a great job. And remember, you can’t get a high profile job without computer knowledge.

What if you don’t get the results faster? You may click back button and visit another similar article. Everything you need fast and accurate but is it really possible. Almond everything on earth requires proper time to adjust for better response. You can only survive without internet if you have another same tool to match the internet. Have you found anything similar to it? If not, then you can’t keep going without using it. But what if all you want in one second? You can’t get everything without it.

Could you please tell me how tough it is to pass a day without sending a web message. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s why we bet that almost 90% of internet users can never forget using the web.

The impact of Life without internet on human beings

Firstly, we need to know who may be affected by the absence of the web. And lastly, we will tell you how you can survive and live a comfortless life without online activities. You might be surprised after knowing that the out of 66% of people who use the internet in America are women or girls. This is a very big statistic as in India women are generally less free to spend more time on the web.

Let’s explore who may be effected without the internet.

  • Student studying in college or schools
  • Graduates seeking a job after study
  • People looking for abroad opportunities
  • parents willing to spend time on YouTube or Facebook
  • Marketers who massively promote their products on the internet
  • senior citizens, who watch old videos

So it is clear that western countries are suffering more from this internet usage issue. But can Asian or African people control themselves? We think that it’s more complicated. Digitization in every field is making the internet more and more popular. But what if it is not available cheaply. There is a sharp price drop in internet service charge in all over the globe and that is the biggest reason for it’s a success. Almost every brand has it’s an online presence to market its products or services.

Almost every child who knows about the smartphone has more than 4 hours spending on YouTube videos. It is something that you have to notice?

Final Words; Life without internet is possible but not enjoyable

I’ve explored this subject for a variety of years and spoken to several folks regarding it. Life while not the web is kind of a tough factor to imagine lately, particularly if you’ve full-grown up with the web around you. On the flip aspect, the generations of individuals World Health Organization grew up before the web began to have a wealth of data and skill to what the globe was life before the web.

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