How Dream11 Works? Dream11 Business Model Revealed

How Dream11 Works?

Dream11 is a fantasy sports app that allows you to predict how a player will perform in the real match and get points and eventually money based on it. Millions of user play fantasy cricket in Dream11 but they don’t know how Dream11 works. However, you really need to know if you want to develop the same kind of application someday. The business model of Dream11 is very strange. The success of any platform depends on how it is operated by its investors.

Well, some investor invests only money while others spend quality time to develop the business just because they are spending huge money. A strong business model and a good working environment is the primary need to get higher growth in business. Have you followed dream11 tips yet? Then why are you not checking Dream11 winner list 2019?

Today, we will discuss how dream 11 created such a beautiful working environment for their loyal employees and why every employee is happy from them. There are tons of reason responsible for their immense growth but the biggest reason we feel is freedom to do anything. They give freedom to everyone who works with them.

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Creativity in their business has boosted the overall performance of the whole organisation. But they recruited such a creative team in their company? This is a big mystery and today we are going to disclose it. You will learn how Dream11 works with other industry competitors and local players. Today, the company is the market leader in the Indian online fantasy gaming space. Meanwhile, you can also check how dream11 earns money.

Who Founded Dream11 & How Dream 11 Works?

Sports enthusiasts and childhood fans Harsh Jain & Bhavit Shet co-founded the most famous fantasy sports application. Both Harsh & Bhavit started the company with a firm belief that sports fantasy leagues would become a big business opportunity in a country of billion-something cricket fans.
IPL was the real reason for starting the new fantasy sports business. Harsh was familiar with fantasy sports application of EPL which was the biggest hit of that time. But he shocked when he could not find a single fantasy game in India where cricket is religion.

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Harsh completed his study from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School and returned India for finding the solution of fantasy game. He asked others to join him for a more speedy solution to that problem. Many laughed on him but Bhavit Sheth, Collage mate of Harsh decided to join him for a bigger group. They started to experiment in various formats and the latest trend for more than 3 years.

The company launched its first freemium service in the year 2012 and then the real journey started. They also looked for other investor and invited others to invest in their firm. But why and how they managed to win the faith of such a big investor? This might be strange for anyone but we will answer it today for you.

Why Kalari Capital invested in Dream11?

Kalari Capital is the biggest investor in Dream 11 fantasy sports company. You might be thinking about how such a big company can invest in a fantasy sports app. This is a big question and you should always think about it as it will help you to find investors for your own business.

Kalaari Capital has invested in more than 50 startups in India, since its inception, strengthening the Indian startup ecosystem. They show big growth opportunities in the Indian market and agreed to do a series of investment in fantasy cricket giant dream11.

Here is a list of top 10 Kalaari Capital investments in India:
  • Myntra
  • Snapdeal
  • Urban Ladder
  • Credit
  • Dream11
  • Vyomesh Biosciences
  • Power2SME
  • your story
  • Rubique
  • EdgeNetworks

Dream11 Business Model & How it Works?

Do you think making money in India is tough? Then read The fantasy geek dream11’s fighting With court and other local players. Have you ever wondered who legalised fantasy sports in India? The answer is Dream11. If you are wasting your time here then read how to win small leagues.

Dream11 doesn’t monetize their business with Google advertisement or other advertising agency. They are just earning the commission for hosting fantasy games on their platform. Initially, they tried Google Ad-sense but now they stopped everything to give easy and fast user experience to their users. Do you know only ten per cent of the player in Dream11 play paid contests? This is a very big thing as converting free user to paid is very tricky and costly.

  • Freemium
  • Premium
  • Private

Dream11 is the First ever app to start the private fantasy gaming application in India. It supports all the above three kinds of gaming methods for fantasy sports users to earn money.

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They charge more than 20% fee on overall money collected in a grand or small league. The commission is fixed for any contest you play. While the commission is very low in other websites like Halaplay or MyTeam11. They are even not charging for private contests. But why people still prefer to play in Dream11? The answer to this question is very straight forward but you need to find it out.

Freedom to create your own personalized contest is best to deal when you are playing with your friends or teams. Still, you have to pay a minimum 20% fees to dream11. So they are earning while you are playing and enjoying your game.

Work Culture of Dream11 & Real working environment

It’s an almost impossible task to find best-fit working resources for your project. But it’s really a big success for Dream11 as they retain almost 80% of employees every year. Their retention percentage is very high among others as average IT employee spends less than 3 years in every company he or she works. Their main principles are:

  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Hard Working Personality
  • Loyalty

Loyal employees are very rare to find but one can create an environment for being loyal. You can ask about sharing loyalty but for that, you need to be a loyal one. If the owner is loyal then it’s deputies are going to follow him. It’s very tough to find how employees work together in Dream11 office but we determined their working culture with a real business model. The centre point of their work was innovation. Every Dream11 employee was eager to find something new.

How Dream11 brought creativity in their employees?
  • Charity work
  • Creative Environment
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Working Freedom
  • World-class Amenities

Do you want to know how to bring creativity into your work? Visit Dream11 office to know more about it. They play different outdoors and indoors games for refreshment. Each employee contributes to the welfare of society that is how they create values in every employee.

How they are contributing to social benefit? You can never satisfy your needs unless until you share some of your earnings to those who need. Harsh and Bhavith both are very good charity persons and loves to donate to needy people. But what about their team. You might be surprised after knowing that their team also makes food, donates money, donates clothes for poor people. They spend quality time for others also. No one never objected to doing this kind of works. Because they love humanity.

Managing the workforce in a better way is the best way to get high growth in any business and Dream11 is doing it very effectively. They are only recruiting people who have some passion or mind to do something unique. Everyone knows that this domain is totally different from others.

How Hosting has helped dream11 to work better & earn more money?

Dream11 is hosted on AWS and the back-end is being built as a microservices architecture using highly scalable systems such as Cassandra, Kafka, MongoDB, and Spark. Do you think your customers will play on a slow application? Never! Customer retention is the primary thing that every business owner should consider. You need to find out how to give a good experience of your application. Once you are able to do that, you are good to go. An application should be lightweight and easy to navigate in order to get a good customer response.

You might be surprised after comparing dream11 app file size with other fantasy sports app file size. Their file size is almost double to what dream11’s file size. Does file size really matter? Yes, it’s matters when you are having users in millions. Because dealing with such a huge crowd is very tough work.  Technology has made their work easier and they are thankful for their key resources.

What challenges Dream11 faced?

You will salute their team after knowing how they managed to keep all their employees together. Initially, they were not very strong in funding. They started their fantasy sports business in just a few thousand but it grew up and needed a series of funding from angel investors.

How does dream11 works and earns money?
  1. Endorsing Brands
  2. Spending Everywhere to get identified

They both were new in the market so it was very difficult to find real people to invest in their business. The money required to operate the business was very high. But they found some good investment deals and almost finished thanks to their bargaining skills. Few challenges they found were:

  1. To cross legal barriers
  2. To find the market for business
  3. How to promote the business
  4. Where to set up the office
  5. Which technology to adopt

The Supreme Court of India created history by declaring that skill-based fantasy gaming is allowed in some part of India except a few states. Do you know who convinced the highest court of India to allow fantasy sports in India? Yes, its Dream11.

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Setting an office in India is not a big thing if have your business plan ready. Initially, it was tough to open outdoor office for working activities but after more than two years they were able to start their own office in a city like Mumbai. They created the best working environment with a talented bunch of guys who sometimes forgot to sleep to finish work.

Dream11’s working model is something that everyone has to notice. But why it’s important to know how dream11 works in such a competitive environment. They are still making money when most of us are just thinking about how fantasy gaming works. Is it really possible to earn money in fantasy sports like cricket, football or soccer?

Dream11 Promoted fantasy sports everywhere

Can you fly high without promoting any business in the right way? Omg! we can’t believe as some feel yes. They advertised everywhere to get a huge boost to business success. Do you want to know where they promoted their fantasy games?

  • Television
  • Radio
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Outdoor Advertising

You may have seen an advertisement with MS Dhoni and other cricket players. That is the power of bringing great people together to say something about your product. Strong words generally create a huge impact on listeners. And it becomes easy when you are getting loyal customers for your service. But for that, you need to tell how you really work to sell. Check Dream11 winner list 2019.