Dream11 winners: 6 dream11 Champions You Should Know

Dream11 winners

Have you ever came to know who won highest amount on dream11. Is it just a myth or a mere reality? All these questions will be answered in this post. Everybody who searches on internet might know about dream11 winners. The reason is their marketing strategy. It has competed with many local players like myTeam11, Halaplay & my11Circle.
They display their winner’s photo with winning amount in every Dream11 advertisement. But is it really doable? We are also in little bit of confusion but read it to know the real truth about fantasy game champions. Remember, this report about dream11 winners is very exclusive and you won’t find it anywhere else so read it peacefully.

Every year Dream11 launches many outdoor functions or programs but have not mentioned any name from their winner list. Is this not kidding you? But looks very strange to us as dream11 is such a big company in fantasy gaming industry and no one is near to them. They cover almost 90 percent audience. Did anyone know who won 1 lakh in dream11? Probably no. You need to know dream11 tips and tricks to win such a mammoth amount. You might be surprised after knowing our grand league winning amount but we are not going to reveal it here.

Why dream11 doesn’t reveal winners publicly?

Hundreds of user became champion while playing fantasy game but no one’s name revealed yet. Why they are not spreading anyone’s name. I think Dream11 wants their winner name secret for others. But what may be the reason behind this tactic?  I think it’s a big trap to catch all sports lover in their fantasy gaming application.  You might be waiting about the list of real dream11 winners but it’s really tough to get this kind of useful information from dream11. But finally your wait is over as we have list of top 5 winners of dream11 and their lifestyle. But before we procede you should know weather dream11 is legal or not


Can you connect with winners on Facebook or twitter? They declined about connecting with anyone as it breaks Dream11’s term and conditions. But you can visit them anytime if you are able to find them and learn how to earn money in Dream11?

How we found the names of Dream11 champions?

Before you know the real names of dream11 winners, you must be aware how we got this information.  It involved few steps to collect such an important information.

  • Watched Dream11 Advertisement
  • Searched the same name on various social media applications
  • Connected with the real dream11 winners
  • Listened their true dream11 journey
  • Convinced them to reveal their true winning amount

The biggest thing that may hurt you is their winning amount. None of them won their money in just one grand league. They all are playing from many years even some are full time user. If you also repeat or practice the same work for few years than chances of your success are very high. Some play for full time earning but many winners are playing just for pocket money. So let’s get start with winner list and their experience in Dream11 platform. Also don’t forget to change Dream11 winner list 2019.

Complete list of dream11 grand league winners

  • Ravindra
  • Sonu Shrivastav
  • Samir Pinjari
  • Indrajeet Pramanik
  • Vishal Patil

All these above player shared their experience of playing in dream11. Their journey in dream 11 was not very easy as we think. They tried many formulas to test the win. Nothing worked when they lost many games continually but still they tried everything to win and finally they made it the winner list. But is it realistic to win more than 20 lakh from a fantasy game in dream11. Well, you can also do if you follow winners’ schedule. You can’t just copy and paste their trick but you really need to develop your own game plan to win in Dream11.

So it’s the time to tell you secret stories of dream11 winners. We will tell you how they won such a big amount by just playing 30 to 40 grand leagues. We will also discuss the require investment amount in Dream11. We have also contacted Nagulraj but he declined to share any information with us so we are not including him in our winner list. This dream 11 list is created with their photo, name and earning in fantasy cricket.

The True stories of dream11 winners

#1. Ravindra (Ravindra won 40 lakh in Dream11)

  • Do you want to know how Ravindra won 50 lakh? Don’t be funny. Let’s just talk about realistic data. Well, ravindra is a fantasy player from Maharashtra and completed his graduation in fine arts. But he could’t found a job to live a life. And that forced him to look for other options and he started to play in dream11.
  • Ravindra’s dream11 journey is very remarkable as he earned more than 50 laths from a single fantasy game season. He also plays in MyTeam11 and My11circle to get more winnings. He works more than 10 hours per day to create fantasy teams and probable playing eleven. How Ravindra earned such a big money in dream11? We are asking this question because 40 lakh is not a small amount.
  • Many believed that he is just a name and no one exist on a name of Ravindra. But he is a real dream 11 player and won more than 20 grand leagues. He also started training institute to teach fantasy players. Ravindra’s journey in dream11 is very inspiring because he hails from very poor background. He teaches how to win in Dream11. He is also planing to start his own fantasy cricket application. Once you win few lakhs in dream 11, you can do anything with that money. But before that you need to find out How to win in Dream11.

#2. Sonu Shrivastav

What Sonu Said – “I have been playing Dream11 since 2017. One thing I can say for sure is practice truly matters if you aim to win big on Dream11.  It took a lot of time, patience and studying of teams for Punjab vs Rajasthan match, just like every fantasy cricket match I play. But this time around my hard work and observation hit the jackpot, and I won Rs 25 lakh.”

#3. Samir Pinjari

What Samir Said – “Cricket is much more than a passion for me. Cricket is life. Maybe that’s why Dream11 works so well for me. Thanks to its mega contests, I was not just using my cricket knowledge of cricket in a live game but also earning from it. Basically, fantasy cricket has become an entertaining part of my life. I tried many fantasy cricket tricks to achieve success.”

#4. Indrajeet Pramanik

What Indrajeet Said – As a die-hard cricket fan, I practically kept track of all sorts of news on players, teams and tournaments. I did the same for IPL ever since it began. But when I got introduced to Dream11, I got an opportunity to put my knowledge to good use. Thanks to which, I won Rs. 12.5 Lakh in a Delhi vs Chennai match recently.

#5. Vishal Patil

What Vishal Said – What really got my attention to the mega contests on Dream11 was the low entry fees. Going by the prize money that I eventually won, the fees felt like it was worth every single paisa. But then, I would also add that getting to this level took a lot of patience and practice with fantasy league matches.

#6. Vikash(Vikash won 25 lakh)

What Vikas Said – “The day when I started to play in Dream11 was the worst day of my life? I lost almost 5000 rupees in on day. But I started to recover all that money gradually. And that changed my life. I’m a small street food vendor and loves to play fantasy games in my free time but now I’m only focusing on Dream11 as it gave me so many rupees. Dream 11 is really a game of practice. I made many mistakes but tried to learn from every mistake I made.”

Do you know how winners are declared in Dream11?

  • Declaring results in any fantasy game is not very typical work. It’s fully automatic and nothing is done manually. Their strong website and application is capable of finding the right number of winners. Based on points earned by every user the ranking is created and top team gets the trophy.
  • Sometime more than one team shares the top position. Hence the price divides between all same teams. But mostly for top position, it is very rare thing.
  • Mostly all modern fantasy sport websites are using latest programming language in their website or application. The best thing about dream 11 is that it has good procedure to declare the winner. It uses below shown few steps to announce the result:
#1.Displaying the grand league winner name with the amount
#2.By giving them text message
#3.By e-mail service

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How these people became successful in Dream11?

These are the only few who revealed their name as the winner of grand league. But there are so many who you don’t know. You should try to contact them for more understanding of their strategy and tricks. They will tell you what they tried and what went wrong for them. But before you find them you should try few important Dream11 tips for more understanding of game. Did you ever get the first rank in grand league? If not then you should try our tips for more results in grand leagues.