Dream11 tips: 7 dream11 tricks for both beginners and those still mastering

7 dream11 tips & tricks

What to do when nothing is going in your own way? You are creating Dream11 team by putting more than 5 hours in a day but still, you are finding it hard to earn money in fantasy leagues. Oh my god! I really don’t know how to become champion in this mega game. But you may win a few more games in Dream11 if you read this article peacefully. This document is full of tricks and tips which will surely improve your performance in Dream11. But don’t irritate to read it just in one minute.

No one becomes champion in just one night so keep calm and learn tricky methods to beat your strongest competitor. You never stop playing. While normal user play on occasion, and often for special reasons, you play continually – not occasionally or even frequently, but over and over. That means you are increasing your chances to get a high rank in Dream 11.

What these Dream11
tips can do for you

  • Guaranty of success
  • More chances of winning
  • The strong build-up of fantasy gaming domain
  • Opponent study with key parameters
  • Learning to avoid a few things

We never want you to leave any opportunity so tight your belt before we start our list of 70 most ignored and essential Dream11 tips to boost your performance in fantasy leagues. No matter what you play, it will work anywhere. Don’t be furious on yourself when you lose continuously. Remember, the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison was failed before inventing Bulb. Today everyone knows the value of Bulb and you can also produce the same amount of result unless until you put hard efforts.

It’s definitely possible to rank high in Dream11 with few proven tricks. Keep reading to find out what I mean and yes, I’m absolutely serious! And I’ll bring you a few case studies here to bring home my point:

So, I guess now is a good time to introduce the tricks, isn’t it?

#1. Find what strategy works best for you in Dream11

Before you do anything you must know what suits you best and what harm you. Can you really find it instantly? If you can, do it right away. There are so many types of leagues and contest are available to play but only you need to fix which contest can give you a few dollars to live a comfortable life.

What is your goal? You can come here to make few dollars for part-time income or play fantasy cricket in Dream11 for full time earning. Start playing free leagues in starting as it will not burn your pocket. Play all type of leagues at least 10 times and then find you winning ration in every game you played. How will you find a winning ratio in every contest type? Let me tell you in simple words:

  1. Play 10 league games in every contest types.
  2. Now, wait for the result to come out.
  3. Divide the number of contest you played by a number of total contest you joined. So this way you will get your winning percentage.

So, what you can achieve after finding it? Now it’s time to judge your capability based on your winning percentage in Dream11. We feel that your result should be above 80% to get started in any particular contest type. That means if you are curious about making millions in Dream11 then your winning percentage must be more than 80%.

#2. Dream11 Tips to check who is winning in grand leagues

No one can succeed by pointing their opponent’s mistakes but it can be helpful to find out what you are doing wrong. What you need to find out is who is winning big leagues. Now three things you need to note down in every game you play in Dream11:

  • Name of winning team
  • How many games it played
  • How many leagues it won
  • Is the team experienced or a new one

So these things will know you who wins in dream11 and what tricks works best to get huge success in fantasy cricket or fantasy football. Have you ever noticed the same player winning in Dream11 grand leagues? In my four years of experience in Dream11, I have never shown a player repeatedly won the grand league. You will see a new team name in the winner of Dream 11 in every game you play. can you win without key dream11 tactics?

Create a note with the list of players who are winning Dream11 contests and then make a folder where you can store screenshots of grand league teams. Don’t get confused with these folders and screenshots as these are only a few assets to create a full list of data. Do the same process for at least one month and finally, you will learn what your competitors are doing to top the league and what strategy they are applying to win a game in fantasy leagues.

#3. Create a real team of 50 Dream11 users

Nobody wants to waste time with assumptions or guesswork and it doesn’t deliver value. Anyone who decides to try something and fail, before learning how to get it right, is probably wasting time.

Yes, it’s true that every business requires a strong team to expand and the same is applied in fantasy leagues. When you are playing in small leagues of Dream11, you don’t need to group with any other user. Because in small league, you only require one or two safe teams to play the contest.

How your real friends can help you to win in Dream11? This might amaze you but your real friends can help you with their Dream11 account. You can ask them to give their Dream11 account.

Don’t be afraid of just seeing the same name teams because they are large companies. You might be surprised after noticing that few users create more than 300 teams for a single Dream11 contest. Oh, my word! 300 teams for a single dream 11 contest requires a big amount to invest but few people apply this tactic to make all possible combinations.

They try every possible combination that can help them to win in Dream11. Do you really love to know about dream11 tips?

But before you think about making a group of players, you need to know about your friends. If they are ready to give you their Dream11 account, you are good to go. Find out how many teams you will require to win a particular grand league. For example, you think that 200 Dream11 teams are enough for a contest then make an excel sheet with 200 different combinations of captains and vice-captains.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Just make sure you create a great fantasy team. Put in the work and stay practical. All you need is one big win anyway. But when you aim low, the outcome is always low. So never think about top ten. Just think about the top position when you are competing with smart players.

But remember, creating more than 200 teams for a single game means you need a few thousands for one match. Are you seriously ready to put thousands for one game? Just put the money if you are confident about your chances. Can you bankrupt in Dream11? The answer is yes if you don’t understand the correct method of investment in fantasy cricket or fantasy football. Many do the mistake by over investing.

When you make a group of few Dream11 users for the grand league, ask everyone to review and check the teams before the start of every game. You can directly handle their account by giving some commission to them. Try to avoid it if possible as it may trouble you.

#4. Tips to avoid wrong captain and Vice-Captain Combinations

I’ve heard that spinners and opening batsmen is a wrong captain & vice-captain combination and could even end up being nothing. Is that true? Could you throw some light on other wrong player combinations according to Dream11?

Before we jump into the wrong player combination you should know a few things:

  • In fantasy cricket, slow bowlers are ineffective at the start of the game.
  • Seam bowling is the best bowling in forecast condition.
  • The opening batsman is not a reliable option in forecast condition.
  • Tailenders are the best option for captain and vice-captain for low scoring games in Dream11.

Dream11 Tips to avoid worst combinations:

  1. For example, a game is played between India & Sri Lanka. In this scenario, India is a too much stronger team than Sri Lanka so it’s almost possible that Sri Lanka will lose the Game. So what you need to do in this kind of situations? You might lose the game from the beginning if you take more players from the Sri Lankan team. But what about some tricky combinations?

#Number-1 Combination: India Wins the toss and elects to bat first

So here the strongest team from both the two sides is going to bat first that means the game may be high scoring one. So in your Dream11 team if you pick openers and starting bowlers of Sri Lanka team than the game is over for you. Because when starting player scores high, the opposition bowler struggles. So when you are banking on your opening pair, you can always afford to leave your starting bowlers in opponent team.

#Number-2 Combination: India Wins the toss and elects to bat first

When a stronger team wins the toss and decides to bat first, their batsman will do better. So if you forget to pick starting batsman from India then also your chances in Dream11 are over.  It’s very much essential to create a strategy for making the right combinations.

#Number-3 Combination: India Wins the toss and elects to bat first

You may never be successful if you don’t take maximum bowlers from the strong team as this can be very low scoring second inning. So in this scenario, you need at least 3 best bowlers from India to get maximum wicket points in your Dream11 team. Every trick you apply must be tested before the real paid Dream11 game.

#Number-4 Combination: India Wins the toss and decides to bowl first

This game can be very sort if the bowler of the strongest team lands the bowl on the right area. In this situation, any miss from India bowling department will be the huge blow for your fantasy team and it’s almost impossible to win the league. Top two bowlers are enough to finish the game if everything goes in the right way. So here the real trick is to find the top two bowlers from the stronger team. Don’t forget to pick a few bowling options from a weaker team in your fantasy team. Try to grasp every suggestion which helps you to win in Dream11.

#5. Create a new bank account to save your Dream11 earnings

It looks funny but is a very important way of creating huge money. You can’t save money by just spending on unnecessary things. You just need to open a separate account for your earning from fantasy Cricket or fantasy football. Once you are done, you can directly transfer your winning amount to this account. This way, you don’t need to calculate your earning from Dream11. You can see the total balance in that particular account for more earning related queries. But why a separate account is needed for Dream11?

  • Gives a clear idea of the total winning amount.
  • Clear information for filling tax forms.
  • Saves from extra spending.

It’s always tough to re-invest the earned money with proper strategy. You can use this account for depositing money in Dream11 or any other fantasy app to play more games.

Opening a separate account is a necessary step when you are just playing grand leagues. Because in grand leagues, you have to deposit huge money. Every day you need to deposit thousands of rupees to play grand leagues. Don’t open a separate bank account for the small league as a small league doesn’t require a big investment. But where to open a bank account for Dream11?

  • ICICI Bank
  • IndusInd Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Axis Bank

These are some good private banks for fantasy gaming earning. You can visit any bank for more inquiries and open a saving account.

#6. Become a fan of Dream11 by purchasing their T-Shirts and Cups

Do you know why the uniform is given in school? The real reason is that they all come for getting knowledge so should follow discipline. The uniform reminds every time that they are in school to learn something. This is just to give you some feeling that you work for Dream11 and earns a few million. By this way, you might feel that you are following 9 to 5 working hour schedule and creating great teams for Dream11. You should also start creating a list of a few tasks to your daily routine. You can’t be successful in Dream11 if you don’t play with rules and regulations. Oh my god! Rules are everywhere. What Dream11 offers?

  • T-Shirts
  • Pens
  • Cups
  • Stumps
  • Tennis Ball

There are so many things like T-shirts or Cups which Dream11 sells online to give gaming feeling to their potential users. Buy these assets right now if you are also a potential user of Dream11. This is just for fun! Success is possible unless until you follow our Dream11 tips in your game plan.

#7. Stop to push yourself in Dream11(#Big tactic)

The biggest strategy and trick to get ahead from everyone is by working with full freedom. Nothing is more motivating than reminding yourself why you’re playing in Dream11. Whether you are playing in a grand league or simply playing in a small league, it’s crucial that you remain in touch with what inspires you. If you love to play head to head games than leave everything and focus on only head to head games as these games are more interest-based.

Don’t just play in Dream11 because your friends are making thousands or just because of fake television advertisement. Play it only for fun and gradually you will start making money. Don’t play in grand leagues if you are continuously losing money. You can think about playing in Head to Head or Winner takes all as these type of contest don’t have too much competition.

Do you know how to compete with high-level users with just a few games? This is something that you need to learn from practising. You can practice unlimited time in no cost by joining free leagues where you won’t get any reward for winning the game. Practice makes a man perfect so give more time to practice in free contests.

Every attempt is important so never ever think about not winning. Justify your performance after every contest you play. The best way to analyse your performance is by maintaining an Excel Sheet with data of almost every Dream11 user of that particular league match. Compare your team with a grand league team. Fill the gaps and move ahead if you find the obstacles.

Use These Dream11 tips and tricks to boost your performance

Disclaimer: The Dream11 Tips and Tricks on this page are based on previous results and expert’s experiences. The purpose of these Fantasy Cricket Tips is to minimize the risks by fundamental strategies. Much homework would be needed to come up with the best team. It is dependent on personal choices and maturity. Cricket is a game of uncertainty; if any tips and tricks do not work, then the author will have no responsibility for the risks faced. If you are not satisfied with the tips and tricks, then your discretion is advised while choosing the team.