Dream11 New Format: Dream11 New Rules & Regulations in 2019

Latest Changes in Dream11 fantasy cricket

Dream11, the largest fantasy sports website has recently changed its rules and these rules are very important for you if you are going to play fantasy cricket in upcoming 2019 world cup matches. The changes are part of every successful organization and they know it very well. So will these changes impact on your game? Will it hamper your chances of winning fantasy league? All these questions will be answered in this blog post. Step by step understanding of all four new rule rules:

1. More than one Wicketkeeper in a Dream11 fantasy team

The most important part of playing eleven and often regarded as the pillar of every cricket team is Wicketkeeper. Now the number of keepers you can keep in your team is totally different and you will be happy to hear about it. Every team has wicketkeepers and they perform by keeping wickets, catching balls and stumping the batsman and finally scoring some useful runs. But what to do when you have to choose from best wicketkeepers. You can’t take both Wicketkeepers in your Dream11 fantasy team. You can only pick one wicketkeeper from any side.

Sometimes the situation becomes more complicated when a team has more than one good keepers and all of them are equally qualified. That time you want all of them in your Dream11 fantasy team but you can’t.

But now Dream11 has introduced new rules and you can pick a maximum of four wicketkeepers in your fantasy team. He can do all these things very well. There is no restriction on picking keepers from a specific team. You can select any number of keepers from any team. So now the limit for wicketkeeper is extended to a maximum of four in one fantasy team.

Disadvantages of picking four wicketkeepers in a single fantasy match:

Do you remember the theory of balance where one unbalanced thing makes the entire ecosystem unbalanced? The same thing is applied here as picking four keepers in a fantasy team are always risky. When you pick four players in your wicket keeping category then you can’t take more than three bowlers or batsman in your team. But it’s up to you to make the right combination. So always think about options available in other categories before picking maximum wicketkeepers in your Dream11 fantasy cricket team.

Note: It is necessary to pick at least one wicketkeeper in every fantasy team. Total credit limit is fixed at 100 for every match.

2. Extended the number of Batsmen in Dream11 Batsmen category

The number of the batsman in the current format of Dream11 is limited to only five. You can pick five batsmen from any team of the game. But now you can pick one extra player in batsman category of Dream11. So you can select a maximum of six batsmen in your team.

This law will be very beneficial for pitches that do not offer great swing and spin to bowlers. More batsman in a team is always good to pick when the game is played on a totally flat surface. You can pick six batsmen when there is no scope for your bowling unit. Batsman-friendly pitches are best suited for this kind of selection. You can rely on your six best batsmen when there is no scope for your bowlers.

Disadvantages of selecting six batsmen in a single fantasy team:

Everything has cons and changes in this rule can also hurt you badly. You can’t pick more than minimum players from other categories if you keep six batsmen in your fantasy team. You can’t win a single game without having quality players in each category. Your focus should be to full your batsman quota. Create a team with good balance in all categories.

Note: At least three batsmen are necessary to pick in every team. Total credit limit is fixed at 100 for every match.

3. One more All-rounders in your Dream11 fantasy team

It’s always tough to pick which all-rounder to pick in a team as this category has so many options to select. Most of the associate nations and county cricket teams are fully occupied with All-rounders. Picking good all-rounder is very important as these players are very handy with bowl or bat. In the current scenario, you can take a maximum of four all-rounders in your team.

Your team can get a big boost if your selected all-rounder performs very well. So keep an eye on both teams best all-rounders before selecting them. It’s really not a bad move to pick a maximum of four all-rounders in your Dream11 fantasy team.

Disadvantages of selecting four all-rounder in a team:

You need to compromise with your betters and bowlers if you pick more than one all-rounder. It becomes tough to manage other players in order to utilize all all-rounders. Are you ready to pick minimum batters and bowlers in your team? If your answer ks yes, then you can think about four all-rounders in a team. It also limits your choice of wicket keeper to one player. So your other choices will be limited after you pick all four all-rounders.

Note: At least one all-rounder is necessary to pick in every team. Total credit limit is fixed at 100 for every match.

4. Maximum six players from the category of Bowlers

Someone will laugh on you if you ask them about picking six players in a bowling category. Dream11 has now introduced a new rule where you can pick a maximum of six players in your bowling category. This newly introduced rule will be very handy where bowlers are doing very great jobs. You can’t rely purely on your batters when bowlers are creating chances on every single ball they bowl. So finally you can pick 3 to 6 players in the bowling category.

Disadvantage of picking six bowlers in a Dream11 fantasy team

Six bowlers in a team means you have to adjust with your batsman. You Will be taking less all-rounders in your team. You can only earn when someone from bowling category performs very well. Your chances of winning fantasy league will be totally dependent on bowlers. Six bowlers combination can help you where pitch is giving big assistance to its bowlers.

Note: At least three bowlers are necessary to pick in every team. Total credit limit is fixed at 100 for every match.

Impact of new changes in Dream11 fantasy cricket

There are users who regularly play on Dream11 and earn big money from it. They can be massively Effected as it requires them to remake their new strategy. Many users will start thinking about it. Few players will start to create game plans according to the new format. Are you ready to bear the brunt of all these changes? If not, then it’s the best time to shift the gear from Dream11 to other fantasy sports platforms.

Every user will be impacted and all have to go through these changes. Will it impact your experience in league matches. Definitely, your chances of winning Dream11 grand league will also decrease as these changes are tough to digest for a normal user. Your budget for the grand league will also increase as it requires more combinations to use. Recently you were just making Captain or vice-captain to both wicketkeepers in different teams. But now you are forced to use all four keepers as your captain or vice-captain.