What is MPL Game? How to Play MPL? |MPL Game Tutorials & Strategy

MPL Game Tutorials and Strategies to Win Each & Every Match

MPL Game stands for Mobile Premier League. MPL is India’s biggest online gaming platform where you can earn lots of money without any problem. MPL is a totally different gaming application as it doesn’t allow users to play for free. It asks users to play with coin. It means you have to collect few coins to play MPL Game.

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Today MPL game has more than one million active users on its platform. Is it a fact to believe? No, because there is a huge competition. Dream11, Myteam11 and Halaplay are already giving tough competition to each other. So it’s always difficult to sustain as a fantasy sports platform with same feature.

Who started MPL in India & Who is currently managing it? MPL was founded by indian business tycoon Sai Srinivas Kiran G and Shubham Malhotra with the initial budget of 5 million dollar.

Do you want to know the exact way to play MPL game? Are you ready to spend quality time on MPL gaming application? If your answer is yes than you first need to know about the games played on MPL. So many games are played on MPL and you can play any game out of that 45 listed games.

Top 20 Games you can play on MPL(Mobile Premier League)

    1. Bloxmash
    2. Bubble Shooter
    3. Build Up
    4. Can Jump
    5. Monster Truck
    6. Planet Chaos
    7. Pool
    8. Pro Cricket
    9. Carrom
    10. Flipster
    11. Football
    12. Fruit chop
    13. Run Out
    14. Runner No. 1
    15. Sniper
    16. SuperTeam
    17. Fruit Dart
    18. Go Ride
    19. Kite Up
    20. Maze Up

So above listed games are the top 20 games of MPL Mobile gaming platform. Every game has a unique features and different playing styles. Based on your love with your favorite game, you can chose and play any game.

Strategies to win MPL Games

This is most famous mobile game so playing it won’t be  as easy as we think. Winning any online game on MPL requires proper planning and good strategy.  Winning games becomes too easy if you make proper planning.

For winning games in MPL first we need to find a game which is good for our interest. MPL is all about the interest we put in any game. Once the game we found is related to our interest then it becomes easy to play that game. we can spend more and more time on that perticular game. You can’t win a game without making it more interesting.