Dream11 New Deadline: A Moment of joy for New Users

Dream11 has now officially announced the change in their deadline for joining league matches. But it’s really not very helpful move for them. We will discuss the impact of this move for both users and Dream11.

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Few points best explains why it was necessary to amend the deadline.

  • Less User Interest
  • High Competition from Other platforms
  • Creating more user groups
  • Changing the lookout of the game
  • Users started to find the alternate fantasy platform

Less User Interest: if your users are not interested to your service then you can’t achieve a great success.

Users will be more happier in changed deadline because

  • Less time required to create teams
  • Zero time spent to find playing eleven
  • Requires to create less teams

Less time required to create teams: Time can be very important factor for anything on earth. And if you have real control on your time management then you can deal with any issue.

Change in Deadline can decrease the total revenue for Dream11 Because

  • Toss gives perfect playing eleven
  • Batting and bowling positions are known
  • User will make less teams

The biggest and most probable reason for this change might be to do something out of the box. High competition from other players forced them to take this decision.

Impact of Change in deadline on entire fantasy sports industry

  • Less operating time
  • More contestants
  • Game becomes more interesting
  • Joy of joining in last moment

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