How to Overcome Dream11 Addiction?

How to remove the addiction of Dream11 fantasy cricket from regular users

Oh my god! We can’t believe that people now wants to make a difference with dream11. But don’t worry because you are not alone for this problem. Many users today wants to correct this habit today. Almost 20% users now wants to stay away from Dream11.

This is the world of living the life in most fascinating way & living this kind of life requires lot of money to spend. And one of the recent solutions is to play fantasy matches in Dream11.

But can you believe that this business can become permanent addiction? Do you feel that beating Dream11 addiction is the toughest thing. We will help you to quit Dream11 from your entire life.

If you are little worried about Dream11 addiction then this article will clear all your doubts related to fantasy cricket addiction. And if you are really addicted to Dream11 fantasy sports then don’t worry because we will give you the best tips to overcome this addiction.

How to Help a Dream11 Addict

Playing the occasional fantasy game for fun in Dream11 is typically harmless. It is, after all, just one of many activities which gives some money to fulfill your financial needs.

Besides Rummy, some fantasy matches in Dream11 even come with further benefits as they can build predicting skills, give fantasy knowledge and help the general well-being of a person.

Unfortunately, many Dream11 users are tempted to escape reality and become so immersed in their Dream11 prediction that they need proper treatment and care to recover from this addiction.

Understanding Dream11 Addictions

In the medical world, Dream11 addiction is typically associated with the overuse of Dream11 application for playing fantasy matches. However, compulsive behaviors, which can include hardcore fantasy league participation, are also considered to be addictions.

In order to be considered an Dream11 addict, the user must have built a strong dependence on a Dream11 so that the failure to win or participate in it results to irritability and unhappiness.

Gambling and cheating are also things where users are generally addicted. Whenever addicted users are deprived of their chance to play fantasy games in Dream11 or anywhere else, they are likely to exhibit anger, violence or depression.

Dream11 is a game of money so people here comes to make huge money. Sometime they fail or sometime they lose. When they lose the effect of addiction can be seen on their face.

How to Diagnose Compulsive fantasy leagues

Due to insufficient supporting evidence, Dream11 addiction has yet to be recognized by accepted standards as a true disorder. Most of the users are not revealing that they are addicted to Dream11 but they can be recognized by their behavior.

However, even if no official diagnosis is available, Dream11 addiction isn’t necessarily a false condition. Overuse of dream11 is actually similar to impulse control disorder, a condition that covers impulsive behaviors, such as pathological gambling.

Some of the leagues in Dream11 are giving huge winning amount to users even if the joining amount is to small. This kind of leagues forces them to play continuously in their platform.

Progress is being made to ensure that compulsive fantasy gaming in Dream11 is considered a legitimate disorder. Once it is recognized, Dream11 addiction can receive the research funding and attention it deserves.

More and more people will suffer from this addiction as the future of fantasy sports is very bright. It would be very easy to Diagnose those users who are addicted to Dream11 because in near future there will be millions of people who might get addicted from Dream11.

How to Recognize an Addictive Dream11 user

People with addictions to Dream11 have been observed to demonstrate certain habits that can be considered signs of Dream11 addiction. Psychological aid are recommended when a player exhibits some of the following signs for a period of several times:

1. Playing in secret

2. Lying about how long he or she has been playing in Dream11

3. Mulling over Dream11 when engrossed in other activities

4. Sacrificing important time at work or school in order to play in Dream11

5. Playing fantasy matches to escape from reality

6. Anxiety or depression

7. Becoming irritated if unable to play fantasy matches in Dream11

8. Lacking enough hours of sleep

9. Losing interest in other activities and hobbies just because of Dream11

10. Increasingly ignoring personal hygiene

Symptoms of depression can be observed if an user makes huge loss while playing fantasy matches in Dream11. You will notice that his behavior is totally different than the regular behavior you see.

He tries to find more ways to win fantasy matches. When nothing works for him then he starts getting nervous. While thinking about winning matches in Dream11 he forget to live his real life. He does not think what is important for his real life.

Steps You Can Take to Help Someone With a dream11 addiction

In the event that you think somebody needs quick consideration and support due to Dream11, you can find a way to enable the individual to recover poise. On the off chance that you are a someone who is addicted yourself and have chosen to improve, securing help past your own endeavors is vital. Outside help can enable you to prevent yourself from returning to your old, unsafe ways.

If you are seriously thinking to help Dream11 addict then find some applications similar to Dream11. You can suggest him to play logical games whixh will improve his power of thinking.

Talking to Someone With Dream11 fantasy cricket Addictions

Verbal correspondence is a standout amongst the best way to encourage a someone who is addicted. By talking, you might have the capacity to influence the influenced individual open to up and perceive the impulsive conduct.

Regularly, the impulse is really a reason or approach to be briefly soothed from fundamental issues, for example, stress, uneasiness and wretchedness. By discovering what’s truly causing the Dream11 fantasy gaming addiction, you can help guide the individual to the correct treatment and care groups.

Youths and Teens

The main and most addicted group is youth. They don’t know what to play and what to eat.They are only interested to follow people. They will continue doing what they are doing if it’s interesting. Sometime their interest in particular thing becomes addiction.

If you are a parent and your child is regularly playing fantasy matches in Dream11 then it’s the right time to stop him playing Dream11 matches.

Alternatively, you can just replace Dream11 with another pastime. You can also teach your teens to consider playing logical games as a reward whenever they successfully resolve personal problems in real life.

Learning to Cope With Addiction to Dream11 fantasy games

The right decision can change your whole life if you make it on right time. The same thing is true for Dream11. If you quit playing fantasy matches in Dream11 at right time, then no one can stop you to achieve what you want in your life.

Coping with right way is the key to overcome this addiction as you won’t be able to play games as it requires lot of money to add.

How to Treat Dream11 Dependency

Now the time comes to treat the dependency of Dream11. Before treating with dependency, we need to know the level of dependency on Dream11. There are many professionals in market who have mastery in dealing with fantasy addiction. Those people can help you to treat your Dream11 addiction.

When your efforts in dealing with Dream11 dependency are going in vain, help and advice from credible healthcare professionals may be the perfect solution.

If you are looking for a long lasting solution for curing your Dream11 addiction then you have to find a way to change your mentality. Once you change your mentality towards Dream11 fantasy sports, you won’t even think about it.

When your mind thinks about Dream11, you need to forcefully divert it into other activities. Once you are able to do it then it will be very easy to uninstall this application.

Where to Find Dream11 Addiction Treatment for a Friend

If you have a friend who needs Dream11 fantasy sports addiction treatment, you can call us at +91 6355296990. We will not only provide you the best alternative things to do but will also boost your dead moral. We will change your mentality over fantasy sports in Dream11.

Till now there is not any physical treatment center for Dream11 addict is reported but still you can do many other things instead of playing fantasy matches in Dream11.

You can also treat yourself once you analyze the time wasted on preparing fantasy teams. You will soon realize that quality time of your life has been wasted by just a fantasy sports platform Dream11.

Dream11 addicts, just like other addicts, are juice less over their addictions. It is important to help them find the perfect solution and teach them to find interest in real life.

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