How to Win Grand League in Dream11?

Grand league winning strategy for dream11 users

First of all, welcome to our blog for reading this wonderful article which will today discuss the best ways of winning grand leagues in Dream11.

Most of the people or almost every user who plays in Dream11 thinks about winning grand league once in his entire life. If you are also one of those people who dream to win grand league in Dream11 than this is the best platform to master the art of winning grand league matches in Dream11.

How to win grand leagues in Dream11? But before we answer this question you must know that grand leagues are for grand people & Not for ordinary users. Because ordinary user make same team as other users.

Whatever the situation comes, they don’t hesitate to play in every fantasy match of Dream11. That’s why they are making huge money today by winning many grand leagues.

So it’s clear that if you want to win grand league then you have to be grand person. Don’t worry because we will guide you to become a grand person who wins grand league most of the time.

These five points will help you to win any grand league in Dream11

  • Strong knowledge of both the two opponents
  • Focusing on players who are playing in their hometown
  • Ability to squad analyses
  • Type of the match
  • Finding a previous worst performer

This five points will clearly help you to win some money from Dream11 grand leagues. But do you know that only 2-3% people are winning grand league every time. These guys make totally different teams than others & wins the grand league. Doing something different is the key to get success in grand leagues.

Don’t make mistakes by playing with the same team which everyone is using. Same team as others will not help you to meet your grand league goal. Let’s have a brief analysis of all the above five points which will define how playing in grand league can make anyone millionaire.

#1. Strong knowledge of both the two opponents in fantasy match

If you know everything about the teams which will play the game then it’s an easy task to create a combination of players. A knowledgeable user is always better than a novice one. If you are really serious about winning grand league then you need to do analysis on their past matches.

You will need to know what happened to their last five head to head matches. What were the key players who contributed to the winning cause. The key bowler, the main batsman and the most effective all-rounder of that game. Everything you need to analyze from the data level.

Do you remember India vs Pakistan matches & Ashes Series, both these two tournaments are very popular all around the world so the pressure of playing under a huge crowd is always high. That time you can think of picking those players who can score big as well as handle high pressure.

In international level it does not matter where you are playing. The only thing which makes difference is the skill you have. Once you learn the art of finding right player for right game then it’s just a fun to win a fantasy match. So your prime focus should be on gathering all useful information about those two opponents.

#2. Focusing on players who are playing in their hometown

Definitely your team will get more points if it has few players who are playing in their own town. If you know why players in home conditions find it easy to play then this point will be easy to understand. Home team always have more advantages than a visiting team because their players are used to that condition.

Do you know why Mumbai Indians won most IPL titles? They won because most of the IPL finales were played in Wankhede Stadium which is their hometown.

The part of pressure comes when you are playing at other than your own hometown. When you play in your own region then you have better support. That brings your confidence level to the next level and you score more. So you got one more trick to apply for winning a grand league in Dream11.

#3. Ability to analyze the squad

Have you ever wondered why most of the user don’t win grand league? The real reason behind this question is that maximum players are making their Dream11 fantasy team from various websites which gives daily cricket match prediction.

Every team launches their squad of up to 20 players before the start of series or tournament. So, do most of the players feel the same way? Yes everyone or almost all users who play this game are making their team from internet and if the source is same then teams will also be same.

Most of the user don’t know that some player joins team squad late. And we don’t take them in our team. And last we see them becoming the captain of Dream team. This is not a strange thing but we witness this thing in every match. If you don’t analyse the squad then you will lose some quality points.

You should also focus on some players who are not getting chance to come into playing eleven. These players are not for just warming the bench but these players can do what normal players are not doing.

If you try to analyze the full squad then it’s always easy to rank high. If you are continuously getting high rank then one day you will definitely win the grand league in Dream11.

#4. Type of the match

Focusing entirely only on a player performance will not help you to get high rank in grand league. Find out what kind of match it is? Try to find the format of the fantasy league. Think about making strategy for limited over format or longer format.

Most of the players perform different in different formats. Some players are good in shorter formats while others are good in longer formats. Some time a best test player will find it hard to get going in T20 format where new youngster will enjoy playing matches. That time you can decide to pick those youngster in your dream11 fantasy team as experts of test are not playing good in shorter formats.

If the game format suggest to pick maximum bowler then don’t hesitate to pick your best bowling combinations because sometimes bowler helps to achieve maximum points in a fantasy league.

Create a list of format specific players who you can later pick in your fantasy team when required. Most of the users today play only in shorter formats so create a list of some best players who can help you to get high grand league rank.

#5. finding a previous worst performer

This point looks very funny but you will only realize the importance of this point after winning grand league. There are many things which you have to keep in mind when creating a grand league. It’s funny to focus on a worst performer to win a fantasy match but later you will know why we included this point in our winning formula.

Some of you might be thinking that it’s not our job to find the worst performer because the captain do the best to find these things every time. But you should know about those players who generally warms benches. These players who warm benches are also there to play the game. So a failure for any player means a new player from the squad gets a chance and most of the time he becomes the captain of the grand league.

Most of the graphs of a fantasy player suggest that performance is also a thing which can help you to figure out your playing eleven. This is also one of the key reasons for players axe from team.

If a player is continuously failing to score then team management will not think twice to drop that player. Because team management does not think about particular player. They think about the team. Player’s previous score is also a fact to look when preparing your Dream11 fantasy team. This reason will help you to include a new player in your fantasy team.

Top Questions Which Provides the Solution for How to win grand league in Dream11.

#1. What are the strategies to win grand leagues?

Answer: There is not any proven strategy to win grand league but you can develop your own tested strategy & that will definitely work.

#2. Is it possible to win grand league?

Answer: Yes, if we have right strategy with right team combination then it’s really possible to win any grand league.

#3. Why it is tough to win grand league in Dream11?

Answer:  Millions of people play a grand league with various skills so it’s tough to top the chart with your fantasy team if it has low points. Most of the people who play grand league are very skilled so it makes the competition more and more tough.

#4. How and who wins big leagues?

Answer: People who are playing from many year with right attitude are making very huge money by winning grand league regularly. Most of the people who wins grand leagues are generally from South India where many cricket fan lives.

#5. Do they uses their own fake teams to win grand leagues?

Answer: This is a big confusion for those who are playing grand league from so many years. We don’t have any proof that they don’t cheat but still if you have any doubt than you can download an excel file where you will see a list of all users with their teams. If you find any extra team who wins the match and not available in excel then it’s a scam and report it on their portal.

#6. Can anyone play with more than six teams to win grand leagues?

Answer: Okay, If you have more user accounts then it’s fine. But you cannot user multiple accounts for one user. It is strictly not allowed to use multiple accounts for one user. So only six teams are allowed to use in one user account.

#7. Do they offer any strategy to play grand league?

Answer: they don’t give any tips and trick to win any league. But they have their sports application “Sports Guru” which provides fantasy cricket tips.

If you want to win more and more money in grand leagues then follow our Dream11 prediction for every cricket match.


These grand league winning tricks are for those who loves to play against many users and want to win high money. Don’t focus too much on this tricks if you don’t play in grand league.

Winning grand league requires a lot of skill to apply when playing fantasy matches in Dream11. Still if you have any doubt about making grand league teams then comment below to know more. We will be happy to reply to your queries.

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