Is Fantasy Cricket or Dream11 Legal in India?

Are you confused about the legality of fantasy cricket or Dream11 in India?

India is a country where sports like Rummy had to fight hard for their legality & fantasy cricket had to fight with the court for their activity. If you think that fantasy cricket or Dream11 are legal in India then you are hundred per cent right because the apex court has given its consent to play skill-based fantasy sports.

For those who don’t love fantasy sports in Rummy and Horse Racing, fantasy cricket is a real boon. Their search for alternate option of Rummy is Fantasy cricket in Dream11.

People might be thinking how the court agreed to allow fantasy cricket in India but they should think it’s still illegal to play in fantasy cricket if you think about moral cause.

By law, it’s pure legal but when you put your sentiments into account then it’s really not professional. However, Fantasy cricket or Dream11 have never been a part of the professional way of earning.

Dream11 is legal and no part of its website is suspicious.

But before you think about this question you should know why the court doesn’t want fantasy sports totally legal in India. Yes, It’s true that the court does not have anything to do with your money but it doesn’t want you to go bankrupt.

They are worried about your financial fall. The court doesn’t want you to beg for a penny. They know a day’s addiction can become a permanent habit if they haven’t warned people about fantasy sports.

If you consider India then only a few sports like Rummy, Horse Racing & Cricket are the once which are allowed

to host paid fantasy leagues for the public.

The real reason behind this decision is that the host of all the above three fantasy sports websites have convinced the court that their method only requires skill to win a fantasy contest. They convinced the court that without the right skill set a fantasy league can’t be won.

But is it true that for winning a fantasy league in Dream11 or Rummy you only want skill? No, it’s not the skill which every time decides the outcomes of the game.

Some time or almost every time your luck says that Luck is the only thing which decides the outcome of every fantasy cricket game.

Nowadays more and more fantasy sports websites are launched on the name of skill-based leagues. We think this is the worst way of manipulating the new generation.
It’s almost tough for a person who wants to oppose the existence of fantasy games when the Highest law house of your country makes it legal.

Four things which prove that  Dream11 should be legal in India.

• Skill decides the outcome of a fantasy match
• Fantasy Sports Websites: High Tax Payer
• No real player involves: Only virtual players

No magic will happen unless you work on your skills to develop. Let’s have a quick summary of all the above three points which defines the lawfulness of fantasy sports:

#1. More Contribution from Skill Proves that Dream11 is Purely Legal

No doubt it’s the skill which made fantasy sports legal all over the world. It’s called fixing in sports when you have control over the outcome of a real match. While in fantasy match you have only control on creating a fantasy team but not on manipulating that team.

You don’t even have access to change it once the deadline has passed. This approach creates the reliability of that particular fantasy platform.

Some skills of a fantasy player in Dream11:

• Run scoring ability of a batsman
• Batsmen’s availability
• Boundary scoring ability of a batsman
• Strike Rate of the batsman
• The economy of a bowler
• Wicket taking the ability of a bowler

Some skills of a fantasy player in Dream11 football:

• Fantasy football player’s availability
• Goal striking ability of a football player
• Goalkeeping ability of a fantasy player

Some skills of a fantasy player in Dream11 basketball

• Passing skill of a basketball player
• Shooting skill of a fantasy player
• The defensive skill of a player

Some skills of a fantasy player in Dream11 Kabaddi

• Raiding ability of a fantasy player
• catching ability of a Kabaddi player

Each of the above skill is assigned different points which are taken

into account when the result of that fantasy match is prepared. We have verified some of the best fantasy cricket websites which truly follow this skill-based point system. Some of them are Dream11, Myteam11, Halaplay etc.

Before you go on any fantasy cricket website to play, make sure it has proper points allocated on each skill. Later, you’ll be happy you did when you can simultaneously win and enjoy matches.

#2. Dream11 Pays High Tax that Means it’s Legal

Money can make almost everything possible on earth except some of the most impossible things. Why law and orders will not allow a business to happen if it creates a good revenue which can contribute to the development of the nation.

Yes, we are talking about the tax which is paid by a fantasy sports website. You will soon realize after reading this post that this business is paying the highest tax to the Income Tax

Department. They are paying almost 3 to 4 times tax than others.

You might think that we are lying but we are here to clear all your doubts how it has given a status of the legal sport even if they don’t have enough to prove the real legality. Remember, We are just talking about fantasy cricket so don’t mix it with Rummy, Horse Racing or any other fantasy game.

Now it’s time to come on the actual numbers which will surely amaze you if reading fantasy cricket or sports article is one of your hobbies

Government is taking tax from fantasy cricket website Dream11 & users at these three stages:

Stage 1: Annual Tax amount paid by fantasy cricket websites. This tax amount is based on their annual revenue. Based on their tax slab they have to pay to the government. This tax amount is similar to all taxpayers

Stage 2: Tax paid by a user who wins more than ten thousands rupees. This amount is fixed Minimum thirty per cent amount will deduct every time you win a fantasy league more than ten thousand

Stage 3: Individual tax of your fantasy earnings. When you withdraw your fantasy earnings to your bank account then it is added to your net annual earnings along with your salary. So you are again paying tax on your earning on fantasy leagues.

#3. The Availability of Only Virtual Player Proves that Dream11 is Legal

This is the third and most important thing which decides it’s lawfulness because real players are never a part of fantasy cricket league. the court said in its judgment that real player should never come into any fantasy league. They should be only considered for calculating the result of that fantasy game.

The use of only virtual player makes it more interesting than doing the wrong things by approaching a real player. You can’t do any unlawful activity when real players are not involved.

#4. Dream11 is legal because it spends money on advertisements

Have you seen any illegal company or website who advertises it’s products.?Dream11 is real because it promotes its website on TV and the internet. Google and Most of the Media do not accept any website who is not legal.

So it is almost clear that Dream11 is highly trusted by the legal brand. If you are still thinking that Dream11 is not legal then fill an ITR application which will tell you everything about Dream11.

Note: This article is written for the sole interest of fantasy sports users. If you are curious about knowing that Dream11 is legal or not then read it fully. So take this article to gain your fantasy knowledge only. Please share it with your friends if you liked it.