How Playing in Fantasy League Can Bankrupt You?

Bankrupt in Dream11

Don’t try to die before reading this post otherwise, you won’t know how people get bankrupt while playing fantasy matches in Dream11 leagues. In this article, I’ll tell you the story of a man who almost lost everything in Dream11. But you might be surprised how he won the grand league.

Today sports is the most exciting way to entertain and refresh yourself. But is it true that we are not taking sports very serious? Are we playing games on the wrong platform? Are you putting your hard-earned money in fantasy leagues without thinking twice? All these questions will be answered in this blog.

First of all, we are here to discuss the impact of fantasy leagues on your financial structure. Chances of bankruptcy are high where risk is taken blindly. We are not asking anyone to not take a risk in their life but taking a risk in a profitable way is key to reach on top. The real reason behind posting this blog is that fantasy sports are the legal form of gaming and we want you to know everything about it. Thinking high is always good but investing high is always dangerous for business. Make sure you do everything right before it’s too late.

Is it possible to bankrupt from fantasy league in Dream11?

Yes, Fantasy league can be a reason for your bankruptcy if not played sensibly. Do you want to become a disciplined player in fantasy cricket?

Playing in a fantasy league is just like doing intraday trading in share market where you get a very high reward but lose everything if you make a mistake. Always remember those who make an investment in a systematic way are today creating mammoth wealth because they did it step by step. The same thing is applied to you if you play fantasy matches in Dream11 or anywhere else. These are the reasons for bankruptcy in fantasy sports:

  1. Bulk Contest Joining
  2. Taking Loan from bank or Friends
  3. Over Confidence in winning

Each and every point has a valid reason to prove that fantasy league can bankrupt you. The actual reasons for bankruptcy may be different but here we are covering only most important and dangerous issues which can crash your life if proper care is not taken while playing fantasy matches in any fantasy sports website.

#1. Bulk Contest Joining

Have you ever wondered that when you join contests in bulk or join many contests at a time leads to you very high-risk investment? Yes, It’s true that everyone wants to win the grand league and have no interest to win in hundreds. People today creating at least six teams in a single contest. Some users are said

 to play with more than 100 teams with all possible combinations.

Playing in fantasy sports should be never your primary business. It should be just a source of earning a part-time small income. That small income becomes zero if bulk teams are used to win a contest.

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It is clear that people with most numbers of teams win in the grand league but can bankrupt very soon if their combination doesn’t work. Yes, it’s true that you won’t win every day but taking calculative

 risk will be ok if you are comfortable.

We know that there are so many websites which offer to play fantasy matches in paid leagues. This makes user play in most of the fantasy sports websites. Most of the user today join leagues in more than 2-3 different fantasy sports website. It’s never helpful to play in too many fantasy websites. You are putting high money so you should get some result to continue your journey in a fantasy world.

#2. Taking Loan from the bank

We have heard about people taking loans for Studies, building homes, buying vehicle etc. But have you ever thought that some people today borrow money from a bank or their friends to invest in fantasy matches?

 If not then you are completely wrong. High price money on winning grand league makes people greedy.

Why user will not play grand league when they can make 5 lakh from 26 rupees. For winning that 5 lakh rupees they continuously play but some user’s bank account becomes empty. When you lose all your money than you don’t have any other choice to get it back into your bank account. And that forces you to take loans from the bank or your friends.

For those who are looking to create wealth from a systematic way should avoid playing fantasy matches from borrowed money. Play only if you have some saved money to invest.

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Market expectations for fantasy sports are very good. Experts are also expecting very high growth in the near future. Future growth of fantasy sports in India is expected at around 3 billion dollars.

#3. Over Confidence in winning

Overconfidence in fantasy sports can cause a person to experience problems because he may get into a dangerous situation that he is not equipped to handle. Overconfidence always destroys everything.

We have seen people enjoying after winning a small amount in fantasy match but that joy & Overconfidence kills them if they don’t control their emotions.

Sometimes your friend wins the grand league and you think why you can’t win. That thinking almost changes everything. Never do the things which others are doing. Do your own tested things which will give you proper results.

Winning is must when you invest such a huge time & money in preparing a fantasy team but the thing which brings you on top of the chart is your confidence. Confidence is always a good weapon to succeed but Overconfidence is never good.

Note: We never say anyone to stop playing fantasy matches. We just want you to play it in the most systematic way so that you can earn money & create wealth. Share this article with your friends if you liked it. Also, don’t forget to share your  experience on how you earned money in Dream11.