Who Shouldn’t Play Fantasy Sports?

How fantasy sport applications like Dream11 can destroy all your future hopes?

  • We think youth is most affected by this industry where Dream11 is the biggest contributor. Here we are going to talk about the most important phase of your life where you are only expected to learn and learn. These are the phases where you can make mistakes and learn from them. But repetition of those mistakes is always harmful for anyone.
  • Today popularity of fantasy sport is increasing day by day. No doubt it is legal but is it good to through our children into darkness. Most of the user who plays in fantasy leagues are youths who are just thinking to earn money. Earning money from the professional way should be our priority.
  • Today’s digital world has more opportunity for everyone but the person who grabs it first wins. Online opportunity made the youth lazy and greedy. Today people are earning from an android application by just spending some time. But these people are unaware of their crucial time. One should always remember that time never comes back

These five reasons will tell you why the youth should not play fantasy sports.

#1. Time Consuming

#2. Gambling effect

#3. Waste of time

#4. Greediness

#5. Future in danger

All these above-listed factors are very important for a school or college student. He may or may not know everything about Playing in Dream11. The time utilized in preparing the Dream11 fantasy team can be used in research or study as making a list of probable11 requires a lot of time.

#1. Time Consuming

Time is the most important thing for every person living on earth as all just get 24 hours in a day. The biggest difference between money and time is that Time cannot be borrowed.

If you are playing in fantasy matches that means you want to win too much money. For winning too much money you browse many websites to make a perfect prediction for your fantasy team. A reports related to fantasy sports says that almost all user uses 2-3 website to make probable11 for Dream11 or other fantasy sports website. That means more and more time is utilized on web to make a team. 

If experts are not wrong than an average Dream11 user browse more than 3 hours for making perfect Dream11 prediction. These three hours are enough for any student for learning new theory or algorithm. Reports suggest that those who plays regularly in fantasy sports are all very inactive and greedy people. 

#2. Gambling effect

Many people do not know the real difference between betting and gambling so they do uneven things. Skill is the only thing wich makes all difference between betting & Gambling.

The sudden growth of this industry can also increase more number of gamblers. Youths are very serious when it comes to money. They try to put every effort to get them on winning side. Websites like Dream11 gives many offers such as deposit bonuses, free entries etc. This is the strategy for every marketer to attract people.

Gambling is considered as the biggest crime and can be subject to punishment. It’s the responsibility of parents to keep their children away from fantasy sports. More than 80 million people today play fantasy sports alone in India. Out of that 80 Million people, 40 million people use Dream11.

#3. Waste of Time

Time can be the most decisive factor for any person or any youth. Instead of focusing on preparing probable11 or Dream11 prediction they can focus on their most important tasks like study, research, Playing games etc.

Some user play regularly to earn high money so they can’t focus on their study or profession. We at Indian Fantasy estimated that Avarage time requires to make a team is 30 minutes. And this is minimum time because some reported minimum 1-2 hours.

Today companies promote their products on social media where they can find millions of youth to use their product. Today’s young generation can be easily manipulated. The biggest initiative should be taken by the local government to stop the youth in this gaming world. Government should ensure that people are not misusing their rights as Court already allowed to play skilled based fantasy sports in India, Europe & in many USA states.

#4. Greediness

Mahatma Gandhi once said ” There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.” The very attractive offers by fantasy sports website makes it easier for any fantasy user to choose their liked fantasy platform to play fantasy matches. Their offers make fantasy user greedy to play more matches. There is no solution for Greediness unless they himself focus on their goal.

Almost all new users in fantasy sport looses their invested money as playing in fantasy sports requires a lot of experience.

#5. Future in danger

If you can’t focus on your future than future is not going to focus on you. Many people dreams to become successful fantasy sports investor. But why to dream such things when we have other options to do for our bright future.

Today the average time spent on internet by youth is almost very high. There are very few people who can guide them. But self-awareness can be the thing which can make difference. People today think that it is legal to play fantasy sports in India but we think It is very injurious very every youth.

Note: This article is written for the sole interest of youths who play fantasy matches in various sports websites like Dream11, Myteam11, Halaplay, MyFab11 etc. By this article we want to tell the youth that they can do many more things other than sticking just to this kind of sports. If you liked this article than share it with your friends.