How to create wealth by playing fantasy matches in Dream11?

How you can grow your wealth by playing fantasy matches?

Playing fantasy matches in the paid league is now very common. More than 50% of sportsman play paid fantasy leagues. Today people love to spend time watching live games and matches. This is the best time to play fantasy matches in paid leagues as in future there will be so many contestants.

Follow these ten rules to continuously grow your wealth by playing fantasy matches in Dream11!

  1. Decide your goal
  2. Avoid playing in all matches
  3. Track your competitor
  4. Make financial earning report
  5. Play only in one type of league
  6. Change fantasy platforms
  7. Get updates from Social media
  8. Play from 2-3 different accounts
  9. Web research
  10. Be sure on yourself

Now we will discuss all these points one by one:

#1. Decide your fantasy goal

The first thing you should do is to make your goal in the fantasy industry. Whatever you do must be goal-oriented as you can’t afford to lose. Everyone just come to earn here so make your mind-set just for winning. Win and lose are just part of the game so don’t quit by just a few games. We know that no one is permanent victorious and no one always looses.

Decide Weather you want todo full-time business or want to play it in your free time. That will change your approach of playing in fantasy leagues. This point will decide your overall journey in fantasy sports. Many people become bankrupt because they gamble.

Always remember one thing that playing in a fantasy league is not gambling but its pure business.

#2. Avoid playing in All fantasy matches

Many times we win continuously and hence our confidence tells us to play more and more games. That thing breaks our financial structure and forces us in darkness.

Don’t try to play in all matches. Never ever think of winning in every match as it is just a daydream.

When you are winning or performing well in fantasy matches then take a small break for 2-3 days and come again with a fresh mind. This will always make you become a disciplined player. Experts suggest that if you continuously play or watch your mind will be disturbed. So always take a small break when you are continuously winning or losing fantasy matches.

#3. Track your competitor in a fantasy league

Tracking the activity of our competitor is the basic rules of every small to large business. Today only in Dream11 you can track your competitors. You can find your competitor’s winning percentage or total matches he played in Dream11. You can compare your points with him.

This point is very critical when you are playing in small leagues. For example, you saw a player who played more than 10,000 matches and you thought that he is a very experienced player. That time it is easy to decide to play against that player.  It’s always easy to play against a novice player as he lacks experience.

This point doesn’t make any significant impact in grand league as we can’t visit every player’s profile and decide to play or not so don’t count it for grand leagues.

#4. Make fantasy earning a report

If you don’t know how much you are earning from fantasy leagues then its worthless to play fantasy matches in Dream11. Money is the most important thing for which we play fantasy matches. Without managing your earning you can’t create systematic wealth. Those who track their winning and losing are making huge money. Poor money management will hamper your chances of creating wealth from fantasy matches.

A most effective way to manage your earnings from a fantasy website is making a report of your win & loose. A well organized Excel seat would be a great choice to do all the stuff related to your earnings. You have to keep an eye on everyday earnings. We know it’s time-consuming but It can be very helpful for those who play regularly with high investment. It’s not very important for those who play occasionally.

Interestingly our team is also developing software where you can easily manage and view all your earnings on a single screen. It would be free of cost software.

#5. Play only in one type of fantasy league

Always remember famous words of Heather Hart “It’s better to do one thing well than ten things poorly.” If you have mastery in one type or domain than your chances of success will be always high. Because there are very few people who stick with one thing. We are saying to focus on this point because there are many contest types and you have to choose among that pool of content types.

Remember poor people always remain poor because they try to do many things but a rich always gets success because he has ample time and money to focus on one thing. 

The main motto of this point is to play only where you are comfortable. For example, if you are comfortable in playing in small leagues then It wouldn’t be wise to put your hard-earned money in a grand league where you are not fully comfortable. So we recommended you to master at least one type of contest and try to only play in that contest type. Some important contest type where your mastery would be a key to earn big:

  • Head to Head
  • Winner takes all

#6. Change fantasy platforms

Yes, It’s true that not all user wins every time & every day. Some win on Dream11 while some find it easy to play in Halaplay. A large number of available fantasy sports website made it easy to choose from a big list.

So if you are losing Dream11 or another fantasy website to play fantasy matches then play only where you are making money. If you are not making enough money then you should start to play in other fantasy sports website. No need to disappoint just because of some loose. 

But is it safe to play paid fantasy matches in various apps like Dream11, Myteam11, HalaPlay & MyFab11?

Yes, it is always safe to play paid fantasy matches as Supreme Court of India gave permission to play skill-based fantasy matches. You can freely play paid fantasy matches in Dream11 or anywhere else if you have crossed the age of 18 years. Some Indian states like Assam, Odisha and Telangana are not permitting their citizens to play fantasy matches because of their unclear laws.

All Indian states except these three are permitting to play fantasy matches in paid leagues. Now it is clear that we can play fantasy matches in India without any legal obligation.

Note: This article is pure knowledge-based hence read it to gain your fantasy knowledge. If you liked it please comment below comment section. In these article we have covered how to seriously earn money in