5 Most Amazing Things to Know about Dream11

Dream11 Fantasy Sports

Dream11 is fantasy platform for all those who love to play skill based fantasy matches. No legality issue as Supreme court of Indian cleared in its statement that playing fantasy matches on skill based is not illegal. That means its worth to play fantasy matches at Dream11.

Free Entry

If you are regularly playing fantasy matches at Dream11 that means you might be aware of free entry  by Dream11. Dream11 gives free entry to some regular user to fill their grand leagues. They give free entry to only those user who do not play that particular match.

If you join a contest and are waiting for a free entry than you are really wasting your time. For getting free entry in most of time we advice you to join a fantasy league in last moment. But for that you must be the regular user of Dream11.

Some people uses two different Dream11 accounts & play with one  account at a time so they get free entry in an account which is not in use. This way you can avail free entry in maximum time.

Free Trips

Everyone loves free things. Dream11 also uses this strategy to gather more users. Dream11 give prizes as free trips to a user who ranks high. For example Caribbean premier league, For this league they count all matches and then at the end of the tournament they give a free Caribbean trip to one who ranks first. You will require to play all matches in that tournament in order to rank high. This way you can  get free trips to your favorite place.

Your Photo in Dream11 Advertisement

The most glorious thing about this fantasy platform is that it respects all fantasy users. In today’s digital world everyone wants to show their photo on social media platforms. So Dream11 took this vary serious. It displays your photo in their advertisement banner if you are making good money. They are making very high money so their budget on branding is also very high.

You can  see Dream11 advertisement on almost all sports website or application. This is optional to display your name on their advertisement banner. You can refuse this when they ask you about creating an advertisement banner.

Level up Reward

level up reward is now very common in all type of games and fantasy apps. But in fantasy apps only Dream11 gives this kind of reward to their users. 

They give you cash bonuses if you  have played certain matches. They give cash bonus on every level up. But you cannot use all these bonus amount at a glance, you can only use certain portion of  that amount while joining any league match. This wouldn’t make any impact on you if you are playing regularly on Dream11 because you will be earning more then reward money. 


The biggest and most important thing for every user who play Dream11 is Tax. Because everyone dreams for big win. And if you win grand league then you would require to pay tax. If you win more then 10,000 then you have to pay tax.

Many of you might be thinking about rate of interest so we will clear everything here. Dream11 cuts 30.9 % money of your winning amount if you win more then 10,000 rupees. That means a total of 30.9% tax is paid by a user who wins more than 10,000.

Some of you might be thinking about tax slabs but Dream11 doesn’t care about tax slabs. They will charge you 30.9% of your winning amount irrespective of your tax slabs. So be ready to pay tax amount to dream11 if you win grand league. Dream11 automatically cuts this amount.

Note: All these information is provided for the sole interest of fantasy player. Hence use this information to gain your fantasy knowledge. Indian fantasy will never be responsible for any loss you make.