How to win small league in Dream11?

Top six ideas to win any small league in Dream11

What are small leagues in Dream11?

Before you know how to win small league in Dream11 you should focus on knowing how to win matches in Dream11. Once you learn the art of winning matches in Dream11 then no one can stop you to become a millionaire. Because one good fantasy team can make this thing happen in overnight.

  • Small leagues are ones which are limited to only few contestants. Chances are high here, because here we compete with very few people. Maximum teams play with same playing eleven. Because many people make very safe team which causes them to win.
  • Practice makes man perfect. More you practice more knowledge you will get. Try to play free contest. If you are doing good then think about playing in small leagues.
  • Always remember that you are not gambling. Investing in fantasy league is just a business. So do it like business. Always read about all possible news. News plays a big role in probable11. Don’t focus much on previous points because nobody performs in almost every match or nobody flops in every match. If you don’t know how to win matches in Dream11 then you are on right place.

Don’t dream for overnight gain. Playing fantasy league is just like investing in share market. Dream11 is a massive fantasy platform so winning matches is not as easy as we think. The only way we can do is by making systematic planing for a perticular fantasy match.

Six ideas which can change your experience in small leagues of Dream11.

  • Cricket breaking news
  • More focus on all-rounder and bowler
  • Check players availability
  • Past match statistics
  • Nature of pitch
  • Weather conditions

#1. Cricket breaking news

Winning small league in Dream11 is not impossible if you focus on all important breaking news on fantasy cricket.

Breaking news plays a big role in small leagues as well as grand leagues. Because very few read this. Health & injuries are part of every game & no one has control on it. But think about the situation first before taking any decision on your fantasy team. Some players do not play because of last moment injury or illness.

All players play in scheduled training before the start of the game. Those who have made fantasy sports their business watch that training session keenly. Some player skips that training due to some reason & we think that they may not play the game but still they will play the real game due to any personal reason for which they skipped the scheduled training. Before taking any decisions on player’s unavailability make sure that he is fit or not.

So this factor will help you to make your probable11. Never take a doubtful player in your fantasy team. Because risk is not good in small leagues.

#2. More focus on all-rounder and bowler of fantasy team in Dream11

We all know that bowlers can anytime change the outcome of the game. They need only one ball to change the game. So we suggest you to take at least four bowlers in every fantasy league. Because bowler can give at least 8-10 points for a single wicket. So choose your bowler wisely. Same thing is applied to all-rounders, they score run as well as take wickets. So always take all three all-rounders.

The success rate of all-rounder is always more than a bowler or a batsman. You can see in normal life also where a person who can do multiple task at a time is valued more than who do single task on same time.

Sometimes or almost many times you don’t have quality all-rounder to take in your Dream11 fantasy team hence it’s advisable to ignore these players that time. All-rounders are the biggest assets of any cricket team. They can change the condition of game any time.

Do you know that most of the people in small leagues of Dream11 are dependent only on batsman to win small league in Dream11? Yes, it’s absolutely true and we have also won so many matches due to high scoring ability of an batsman. But very few among us are noticing on a duck of a batsman which breaks his confidence level.

#3. Check fantasy players availability

It is very important to know whether the player is playing or not. Some time players are dropped to test bench players or to give rest. Check for all these news. In English cricket, players are often rested due to their rotation policy. So check this thing before making fantasy team.

#4. Past match statistics of fantasy player in various fantasy leagues

This is something which doesn’t make any effect mostly. But many time player may or may not perform because of his past record. Some time player fail continuously and then perform in very next match that is something wich no one expected. Some time a player performs regularly and then fall miserably. So you can miss these player in your fantasy team.

Professional user can simply create a graph of fantasy player and based on his performance you can take him in your Dream11 fantasy team. But we never say anyone to give too much emphasis on technical analysis of fantasy player.

#5. Nature of pitch in fantasy match

Pitch plays very crucial role in player performance. Some player play spin very well while some struggle playing spin. English player mostly struggle in sub-continent while playing against spin. Deciding fantasy team based on pitch might also play crucial.

Today some players play in various leagues all around the world. So you can judge his capability based on the region where he is playing. We have seen Australian and African players struggling against indian bowlers because of the turning pitches in India. The same way Indian players will also find it hard to get going in foreign pitches.

Do you know that too much water on a cricket pitch can be very disappointing for spin bowlers as these pitches will never give any assistance to spinners. The same way fast bowlers are totally ineffective on turning pitches.

#5. Weather conditions of fantasy match in Dream11

Forecast conditions of fantasy match in Dream11

Weather is a god & no one except scientists can overrule this things. All outdoor fantasy matches of Dream11 are played under full weather conditions so this is necessary thing to look when you create your fantasy team in Dream11. Possibility of rain is always there if a cricket match is played in England as there weather is always full of monsoon.

Anything related to business can’t be started without considering weather conditions. If you have not done proper study on weather then it will heavily cost you some day.

You might have won a match in just one ball because of weather. If rain comes all your plan fails. So consider rain & if possibility is high then pick your player according to rain as all will not get chance.

Don’t worry about your investment in fantasy match if the match is abounded without a single ball bowled. They will refund all your money invested in Dream11 or anywhere else.

Can you believe if you have proper skill then you can master of winning small league in a most effective way in any Dream11 league.

Note: This article is created for the sole interest of fantasy readers so take it as serious as you can because you can earn more by using your own knowledge. In every fantasy match skill set is essential tool to win leagues so focus on making skill based team.

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